Dershowitz on Trump conviction: ‘This is the beginning of a war of weaponization of the criminal justice system’

The realities of the former president’s conviction were spelled out in a bleak prediction from constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz on “weaponization” yet to come.

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Ongoing analysis of former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records has focused considerably on what that outcome means for the GOP leader’s future. Friday on Fox Business, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz joined “Mornings with Maria” to expand the broader implications from the “get Trump” framework.

“This is the beginning of a war of weaponization of the criminal justice system,” he told host Maria Bartiromo.

“My big disappointment is with the jury,” he began. “Juries are supposed to be a check and balance on the excesses of prosecutors and judges. This jury failed its role of checking and balancing these excesses.”

“Of course they did because they were hand-picked by the judge and by the prosecutor to be anti-Trump. These were ‘get Trump’ jurors,” continued Dershowitz. “These were jurors who voted between 85% and 90% not to allow Trump to be president, and they will do anything to prevent him from being president. And so their vote was the second vote on November against him being president. It wasn’t a vote on the facts of the law of the case.”

“The facts of the law of the case here are an absolute joke,” he argued before suggesting there is no “serious lawyer in the country,” no matter their party affiliation, “who would privately tell you this was a legitimate case.”

Publicly, reactions across social media had emphasized the political nature of messaging that would carry into November as leftists and RINOs alike came out with “Never Trump” commentary, leaving conservatives appalled at the apparent disregard for the Constitution.

“This was essentially a directed verdict of guilt by the judge, by giving them the multiple-choice defense,” remarked Dershowitz over the widely-panned rules for the jurors that departed from the norms of unanimity in convictions.

The legal scholar also bemoaned the venue as he and Bartiromo agreed the trial should have been relocated to a more neutral locale like Staten Island as it was expressed that no one who participated in the case would get treated fairly in the Big Apple if the outcome had been any different.

“If you’re perceived as doing anything in favor of Trump, in a city like New York, particularly in Manhattan, your life is over. And every juror understood that. Every judge understood that,”  he said.

Before concluding his discussion with Bartiromo, Dershowitz spoke to how the same system may yet be employed against others, even ordinary citizens, as he said, “As soon as Bragg indicted, we knew there was going to be a conviction. It was a foregone conclusion. So yesterday’s result is not news. It was just the end result of a completely predictable injustice that was engineered from the very beginning by a politician who had campaigned on the promise to get Trump.”

“Today it’s get Trump. Tomorrow it’s get you. Tomorrow it’s get me. Tomorrow it’s get your loved one,” he added. “The American system has been weaponized against political enemies and that is a great loss for Americans.”

The entirety of the interview can be viewed below via Fox Business on YouTube:

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