DeSantis warns GOP expected House vote on Biden impeachment inquiry could backfire

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is all for impeaching President Biden but is warning Republicans it could backfire if they ignore the border and economy because those issues are hitting Americans hardest.

“When I’m going through Iowa, Republican voters obviously are not fond of Joe Biden. Yes, they’re concerned about Hunter and all this money. But they’re more concerned about what’s happening at our border. They’re more concerned about what’s happening with the economy,” DeSantis told NBC’s Kristen Welker on Meet the Press on Sunday.

“And so if you’re doing the inquiry, which, again, I think is justifiable, you also have to be addressing all these other issues,” DeSantis said Sunday. “And I think that there’s a feeling out here that they’re not focused on the key issues that they wanted to see addressed. Clearly, on the budget, there’s been no progress on that.”

“So, make sure you’re not ignoring all these other issues. And don’t use that inquiry as kind of a Trojan horse to not then meet your responsibilities on all these other things,” he admonished.

(Video Credit: NBC News)

The House of Representatives led by Mike Johnson is inching toward a vote to open an impeachment inquiry against Biden next week. DeSantis believes impeachment proceedings conducted before the 2024 presidential election could act as a trap that distracts Republicans from issues voters are very concerned over.

DeSantis made it very clear that investigating and going after the “corrupt” Biden family is “justifiable,” but he warned that an inquiry that goes nowhere could severely impact the Republican Party concerning policy objectives.

Republican strategist John Feehery is in agreement with DeSantis on the issue.

“Impeachment is a huge distraction,” he stated according to the Washington Examiner. “Most members are rolling their eyes because they know that voters don’t really care about Hunter Biden. They care about Bidenflation.”

“A lot of times impeachment proceedings don’t benefit the party doing it, particularly if it’s Republicans,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) told the news outlet in an interview. “I think we probably have about as many opinions as there are members, but my personal view of it is that the House is at a point where they would almost be negligent if they didn’t pursue impeachment proceedings.”

“I don’t know how you avoid it,” he noted pointing out that the inquiry will almost certainly take place ahead of the 2024 election. “It’s not always convenient when these things come up, but you also don’t get to pick the time sometimes when things come up.”

An unnamed GOP senator also told the Washington Examiner that concern over the impeachment inquiry “varies widely” within the Republican conference.

“Look, there are always Republican senators who are scared of their own shadow. Thankfully, I hope, House Republicans will not be listening to those voices of fear but instead will stand up and do the right thing,” the senator remarked.

The Washington Examiner wrote, “Strictly speaking, the inquiry is unlikely to lead to Biden’s removal from office. Impeachment requires only a simple majority in the House, but removal from office requires two-thirds of the Senate, or 67 votes, a nearly impossible hurdle in the ideologically even upper chamber. Nonetheless, the House is expected to vote to authorize its impeachment inquiry into Biden next week, according to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).”

Johnson has strongly indicated that an impeachment inquiry is coming.

“We’ve come to this inflection point. The White House is stonewalling,” Johnson said during his weekly press conference. “We will be at the apex of our constitutional authority.”

He also commented that he believes “moderates in our conference understand this is not a political decision” but a “constitutional decision.”

DeSantis’ take on the impeachment inquiry appears to be colored by feedback on the campaign trail in Iowa. He’s listening to what voters are telling him and attempting to pass that on to Republicans.

“Whether it’s a GOP Trojan horse or not, the Biden White House has engaged fully in the impeachment debate, releasing an 18-page memo to hit back at Republicans,” the Washington Examiner wrote.

“Americans already overwhelmingly believe House Republicans are prioritizing the wrong things,” White House spokesman Ian Sams claimed while asserting Republicans are focusing on debunked claims “instead of focusing on the issues they claimed they would prioritize when they ran for office, like lowering inflation, growing the economy, and strengthening national security.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is confident he has the votes to move forward with the impeachment inquiry.


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