Did Big Pharma play a role in Tucker Carlson being ousted?

There are plenty of theories on why Tucker Carlson departed Fox News, with the recent $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems at the top of the list.  Another theory getting traction is that Big Pharma may have played a role.

Keep in mind that Big Pharma is a $424 billion industry that spends hundreds of millions of dollars in television advertising and sponsorships, and one of Carlson’s last monologues compared the industry to Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leading critic of the Covid-19 vaccine who is challenging President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, appeared on that same segment.

“Sometimes you wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are,” Carlson opened Wednesday’s show. “We’ll be in the shower and you’ll think they’re bad, but how bad are they? Well, here’s one measure of their badness. You can try this at home, ask yourself, is any news organization you know of so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who would do that is obviously Pablo Escobar-level corrupt and should not be trusted.”

He went on to liken MyPillow, which is one of Fox News’ biggest advertisers, to the Covid-19 vaccine and laid out a scenario where people are told they must purchase a pillow from the company or they’ll be restricted in what they can do or where they can go.

“Now, imagine if they told you that Fox, as your news organization endorsed it, amplified the government’s message,” Carlson continued. “Imagine if Fox News attacked anyone who refused to buy MyPillow as an ally of Russia, as an enemy of science. And then imagine that Fox kept up those libelous attacks even as evidence mounted that MyPillow caused heart attacks, fertility problems, and death.”

“If Fox News did that, what would you think of Fox News? Would you trust us? Of course you wouldn’t. You know that we were liars. Thank heaven Fox News never did anything like that,” he said. “But the other channels did. The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies and then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air. And as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products. At the very least, this was a moral crime. It was disgusting. But was universal.”

“It happened across the American news media. They all did it,” Carlson concluded. “So at this point, the question isn’t who in public life is corrupt? Too many to count. The question is who is telling the truth?”

Carlson would be out in a matter of days after that monologue, with Friday being his final show. He clearly expected to be back, telling viewers he would see them on Monday, and before the bombshell announcement dropped Monday afternoon that Carlson was out, the network promoted an interview he did with GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy that was supposed to air that evening, according to Newsweek.

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and the son of slain 1968 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, took to Twitter to offer his take on the abrupt development.

“Fox fires @TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers,” he tweeted. “Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. For many years, Tucker has had the nation’s biggest audience averaging 3.5 million — 10 times the size of CNN. Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma.”

RFK Jr. also dispelled a belief some had that his interview was edited and approved by Fox News, responding in a tweet that it was a “live” interview:

Speaking of the Kennedys, a social media user brought up Carlson’s show in December when the now-former Fox News host reported on a source with direct knowledge saying the CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

Tom Tillison


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