Did Real America’s Voice get duped by a fake or AI version of Donald Trump in on air phone interview?

Update: The Daily Beast issued a correction of their report regarding quotes they incorrectly attributed to Real America’s Voice Owner Robert J. Sigg. Read more here.

Did Real America’s Voice get duped by a fake or AI version of former President Donald Trump? That, fellow Americans, is the question.

It’s a question that emerged Thursday after Real America’s Voice aired a 17-minute-long ostensible Trump interview. Why ostensible? Because the guy purporting to be Trump sounded awfully strange.

Listen for yourself below:

According to Mediaite, the host of the program, John Solomon, has claimed the voice was Trump’s for real. But not everybody believes him, including Real America’s Voice owner Robert Sigg.

“Robert Sigg, the president of the parent company that owns Real America’s Voice, tells me that an ‘internal investigation will be needed’ into whether the network was duped by a Trump impersonator or Trump AI tonight. ‘Sounds like ChatGOP to me,'” Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast reported on Twitter.

But here’s where the story takes a wild turn: Hours after RAV published the interview, former President Donald Trump posted a clip of it to Truth Social. He even included a caption matching the rhetoric of the Trump in the interview.

“Crooked Joe Biden is the most incompetent President in history, and he’s the most corrupt President in history…,” he wrote.


So what in the world is going on here? One obvious possibility is that it really was Trump but that audio distortion had affected the sound of his voice.

Another possibility is that it wasn’t Trump and the real Trump knows it wasn’t him but doesn’t care since the fake Trump said things he likes.

Many Trump supporters for their part appear to believe it’s not really him. Indeed, on Rumble, where the full video is posted, the comments underneath the video are almost all from confused Trump supporters.

Here’s a sample of them below:

  • “Sounds different.”
  • “What is up with his voice. Sure is slurring his sssss. Is this someone else”
  • “doesn’t sound like my President ??????”
  • “Trump sounds like he’s drunk or holding his nose the entire interview. Doesn’t sound like it’s really him…”
  • “That sounds nothing like Trump. he is slurring his words. cadence is wrong. Diction is wrong. Tone is wrong.”
  • “This is not Donald Trump speaking. Delete this farce.”

The same sentiment can be seen on Twitter:

All this comes a day or so after the real Trump went on a massive Truth Social video binge during which he posted a series of videos, many of them about Fox News.

According to Trump, Fox News has in recent times become a bastion of anti-MAGA punditry — and this has to change. Who exactly was he talking about? Allegedly anti-MAGA pundits like Bill Barr, his former attorney general.

“Why does Fox News constantly put on slow-thinking and lethargic Bill Barr, who didn’t have the courage or stamina to fight the radical left lunatics while he was the attorney general of the United States, and who, even more importantly, refused to fight election fraud, of which there was much,” the former president said in one video.

He further warned that unless Fox News changes, it’ll continue to lose the ratings war.

“Unless Fox News starts putting on the right people, their ratings will continue to erode. They’re down 35 percent from just a short while ago. That’s because people don’t want to hear Bill Barr. They don’t want to hear Karl Rove and they don’t want to hear Marc Thiessen and some of these other people, to put it nicely,” he said.

“They don’t want to hear these people. They want to hear the people that are going to turn around our country. They want to hear the people that are going to make America great again. And until they do, Fox will suffer in the ratings,” he added.

See the rest of the videos — from the real Trump — at the link below:


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