‘He literally just confessed to the crime’: Libs lose it after Trump co-defendant, attorney John Eastman goes on TV

Liberals have pounced on comments made by pro-Trump attorney and fellow Georgia co-defendant John Eastman about then-Vice President Mike Pence’s certification of the state’s election votes on January 6, 2021, claiming that Eastman “literally just confessed to the crime.”

In reality, Eastman did no such thing, unless, like many now believe in light of Georgia’s election-rocking RICO case against former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates, stating an opinion is now a crime in America.

Eastman joined Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Wednesday and was asked what he would have liked to have seen happen on that fateful day.

“And just again, to clarify this, on January 6th, what did you want to happen, and how was that historically grounded?” Ingraham asked. “In the history of our country, how would that have taken place? Just so the viewers can understand what would have unfolded and how that would have been ultimately Constitutional.”

“Several things,” Eastman replied. “Some people had urged that Vice President Pence simply had power to reject electors whose certification was still pending.”

“I don’t believe that,” Ingraham shot back. “That’s one thing I don’t agree with.”

“I don’t either,” the lawyer said. “And I explicitly told Vice President Pence in the Oval Office on January 4th, that even though it was an open issue, under the circumstances we had, I thought it was the weaker argument and it would be foolish to exercise such power even if you had it.”

“What I recommended, and I’ve said this repeatedly,” he continued, “is that he accede to requests from more than 100 state legislators in the swing states to give them a week to try and sort out the impact of what everybody acknowledged was illegality in the conduct of the election.”

Ingraham quickly pointed out that “not everyone acknowledges” it.

“But that was the argument that was being made,” she said. “Obviously, and there were obviously irregularities that everybody had seen. But whether that was yeah, whether it rose to the level of changing the outcome of the election again without a legal proceeding in the states that mattered, the argument ultimately was a difficult one to make.”

And from that exchange — one in which Eastman suggested that Pence should have listened to the concerns of more than 100 state legislators — was enough for many on the left to convict the attorney.

“Not sure this Eastman interview is great for umm Eastman,” stated self-described “Internet Hooligan” Acyn.

National security lawyer Bradley P. Moss seized on the Hooligan’s assessment.

“He literally just confessed to the crime,” Moss stated.

And the disingenuous hysteria only ramped up from there.

“‘How exactly were you going to pull off your coup?'” snarked political-thriller author David Pepper. “‘Here was my exact plan to pull it off.'”

“Not news,” said Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell, “but in his own words it sounds like he wanted to impede the certification.”

“Pro legal tip,” stated the popular Xeorge Xonway account. “If you’ve been indicted for doing something, don’t talk about that something on TV.”

“He’s going to prison,” declared the MeidasTouch Network.

But, as Americans have seen time after time, when you’re infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, hyperbole hits you hard.

“It’s hard to believe that he is a lawyer. I mean, he just admitted on national tv how he wanted to plot a coup,” one clearly contaminated user stated. “Apparently he is like wannabe dictator trump, they all have the right to keep quiet but not the ability.”

Melissa Fine


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