‘Disgusting’: Biden regrets calling Laken Riley’s suspected killer an ‘illegal’ – not botching her name

A telling apology revealed where the president’s concerns were after his State of the Union flub of Laken Riley’s name.

“Disgusting,” was one way to describe President Joe Biden’s postmortem of his own address Saturday when it came to how he handled heckling from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R). Joining MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart,” he was asked about the viral moment regarding the Georgia nursing student allegedly killed by an illegal alien — and he apologized to the suspect.

“During your response to her heckling of you,” began the host, “you used the word ‘illegal’ when talking about the man who allegedly killed-”

“An undocumented person,” interrupted Biden before Capehart could even finish the question. “I shouldn’t have used illegal…it’s undocumented.”

Having spent time of late gaslighting the public as he foisted responsibility for his administration’s border policies on the Republican Party, Biden shifted toward pandering to the left as he invoked their number one boogeyman, former President Donald Trump.

“And look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about on the border was his — the way he talks about vermin, the way he talks about these people polluting the blood — I talked about what I’m not gonna do. What I won’t do. I’m not gonna treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect,” said the president, apparently including alleged killers and violent gang members in that position.

“Look, they built the country. The reason our economy is growing. We have to control the border and more orderly flow, but I don’t share his view at all,” added Biden before bluntly responding to whether or not he regretted using the term “illegal,” “Yes.”

After she confronted the president, handing him the button with Riley’s name on it that he held up when he responded to her heckling, Greene was a leading voice in railing against Biden’s position on MSNBC.

“Disgusting. Joe Biden just apologized to the illegal alien animal who brutally murdered Laken Riley,” she captioned the clip while Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin wrote on X, “Expressing regret for accurately describing the Venezuelan illegal alien charged with bashing in Laken Riley’s skull as an ‘illegal’ is a remarkable moment. The one and only time Biden mentions her name — he botches it — and now he hopes to avoid offending her alleged killer.”

Meanwhile, as many viewers who had tuned in live or watched clips from the address had contended the president had referred to the young woman killed as “Lincoln Riley” despite her name being clearly displayed on the button he held, the correction to the White House transcript officially denoted Biden’s blunder as “Lanken Riley.”

Regardless of how he had erred, the president’s posture appeared to express graver concern for how he described the alleged killer over the safety and welfare of communities throughout the country being placed at risk over unvetted foreign nationals from across the globe prowling among them, provoked infuriated reactions.

Kevin Haggerty


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