Disturbing new details about 19-yr-old illegal alien who shot NYPD cops

A 19-year-old criminal alien who shot two NYPD officers was reportedly recruited into a Venezuelan gang by a local “coordinator.”

Criminal alien Bernardo Raul Castro Mata — who illegally entered the U.S. last July via Texas — told law enforcement that he was recruited into the violent Tren de Aragua gang to join a “snatch-and-grab” crew, sources confirmed to the New York Post.

Members of the gang are reportedly encouraged to shoot at the police. The gang also has a history of organizing rings of moped-riding bandits.

The “coordinator” who recruited Mata reportedly provided him with a moped of his own to use for the snatch-and-grab operations.

After reportedly arriving in the U.S. and setting up shop in a Queens shelter, Mata proceeded to take part “in a series of grab-and-run moped robberies across the five boroughs,” according to the Post.

Fast-forward to Sunday, June 2nd, when NYPD Officers Richard Yarusso and Christopher Abreu, both 26, were investigating the snatch-and-grabs when they spotted Mata riding his moped on the wrong side of the street and tried to stop him.

Mata immediately made a run for it. A struggle then ensued during which Mata pulled out his gun and fired it at close range.

“Yarusso was shot in his bullet-resistant vest, and Abreu was shot in the leg. They were treated at the hospital and released Monday,” according to CBS News.

Mata meanwhile was arranged on Wednesday on two counts of attempted murder for the shooting.

The gun he used in the shooting, a .380-caliber Hi-Point pistol, has been traced to a woman who reportedly bought it in Raleigh, North Carolina seven years ago but had no idea it’d evidently been stolen.

“Mata is also being eyed by authorities in Nassau County for a May 22 robbery in Hempstead that left the victim with a gunshot wound to her arm when she tried to fight off her attackers,” the Post noted. “He allegedly admitted to the crime in an interview with police.”

According to the Post’s sources, the police tracked his victim’s stolen AirPods to the Queens shelter where Mata had been staying.

All this comes months after BizPac Review first reported that other Latin gangs were operating in the New York City area.

“They’re taking advantage of coming to the U.S. and committing these crimes, and being able to disappear to some degree,” Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania Police Department told local station WPVI in February.

He added that he’d witnessed at least three separate groups of criminal illegal alien thieves targeting his community.

“On February 1, police said two men were involved in a theft at the Ulta in Exton that netted about $2,000 worth of merchandise. They were identified as Albert Torrealba Jordan and Keiver Guilarte Camps, both from Venezuela,” according to WPVI.

“In June, police said a man was caught on surveillance at Kohl’s in Exton stealing $17,000 worth of merchandise. The Peruvian national was arrested and deported in the fall, but he’s already back in the U.S.,” the station noted.

That same month, a judge granted a $1 bail to a Tren de Aragua gang member who’d assaulted several NYPD officers, prompting massive outrage on social media.

Wilson Juarez, 21, received the paltry bail after his attorney convinced the presiding judge that he hadn’t participated in the direct assault of the officers but had instead merely tampered with evidence.

Juarez had allegedly swapped jackets with the actual assailants, according to the New York Daily News.

“Once the video footage came out, it was clear Mr. Juarez was not involved in any physical altercation with police but unfortunately his picture continues to be spread around,” his attorney, Adrienne Edward, said, according to local station WABC.

“Mr. Juarez was working – sending money back home to his family,” Edward added.

According to Fox News, the $1 bail also allows Juarez “to avoid deportation while in custody.”

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