DNC launches ‘MAGA Veepstakes,’ in desperate plot to brand Trump VP contenders as extreme

The fear and loathing of former President Trump is palpable on the Left as the DNC launches its pathetic “MAGA Veepstakes” in an effort to mock Trump and smear his vice presidential contenders as “extreme.”

Democrats are all-in for a media assault against Trump’s VP pick even before he makes one. They whiff of desperation and terror because the former president is leading President Biden nationwide for the presidency in many polls including Real Clear Politics.

“Today, the DNC is launching Trump’s MAGA Veepstakes to hold all of Trump’s VP contenders accountable as they sign onto Trump’s dangerous, out-of-touch MAGA agenda as part of their desperate race to the bottom to be his running mate,” the official DNC announcement brayed.

“Like any narcissist, Donald Trump will choose a VP in his image: an extreme, anti-choice MAGA election denier who wants to rip away Americans’ freedoms and sell out working families to help their special interest donors. Trump has floated dozens of names, and while he trots them around like sad show ponies on the campaign trail, it doesn’t really matter who’s in his good graces one day and who’s shooting their dog the next. Trump’s VP contenders have all already shown they pass his extreme, MAGA litmus test,” DNC Communications Director Rosemary Boeglin said in a statement.

The DNC’s litmus test targeting extremist, “ultra-MAGA” Republican VP picks include:

☑️ Election Denier Backing Trump’s “Big Lie”
☑️ Anti-Choice Extremist Hellbent on Ripping Away Reproductive Rights
☑️ Co-Conspirator To “Terminate” the Affordable Care Act and Raise Costs
☑️ Corporate Shill Who Will Sell Out Working Families and Gut Social Security and Medicare

It appears that when facts and persecution don’t work against Trump, Democrats are now resorting to the tried and true tactic of lying and smearing their political opponent.

Trump has about a half dozen contenders for his VP pick but he has not indicated who he is leaning toward yet. Democrats intend to lump them all together and brand them as being extremist, “ultra-MAGA” Republicans, according to Axios.

“It also plans to run paid ads and dedicate staff across the communications, digital, and research departments to the effort,” Axios wrote referring to the DNC media campaign.

“The Democrats, with their reported ‘Trump’s MAGA Veepstakes’ plan, look to focus on key issues like election denial, abortion, healthcare and tax cuts. No major Trump VP candidates have split with him regarding his view of the outcome of the 2020 election, and Republicans remain widely supportive of the tax cuts under the Trump administration,” Fox News reported.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Vivek Ramaswamy, who are both rumored to be on Trump’s shortlist, attended his New York trial in Manhattan to show support for the former president.

“A number of other big names have been floated to join Trump on the Republican ticket, including South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Ohio Sen. JD Vance, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio,” Fox News noted.

“Trump, who spent most of the past month sitting on trial in a New York City courtroom while President Biden and Vice President Harris are free to hit the campaign trail, is still weighing his running mate options. He suggested last week he might even wait until the July Republican National Convention in Milwaukee to name his pick,” the media outlet added.

Trump and Biden will debate each other twice before the election. There will also be a debate between their VPs, so Kamala Harris will face off against Trump’s eventual pick.


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