DOJ fixation on Jan. 6 prosecutions results in 99.8% conviction rate of Capitol protesters

The Department of Justice has been very successful in railroading and convicting over 900 protesters who have been charged with unlawfully storming the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to a recent disturbing report.

Federal prosecutions have a 99.8% conviction rate against at least 964 people who were at the Capitol that day, according to the Wall Street Journal which reported on it Monday.

Reportedly, half of those charged have pleaded guilty to at least one charge. Over 180 people have been imprisoned for committing federal crimes, including obstruction, assault, and sedition.

Approximately three dozen cases have gone to trial, and all but one of them have resulted in convictions on at least one count according to the media outlet. Prosecutors have lost on other charges, however.

All of those arrested and charged were taken into custody in the weeks and months following the riot. Many were tracked down via video footage of that day, some of it foolishly posted by the offenders. Others were turned in by their fellow Americans in an atmosphere more reminiscent of communist Russia or Nazi Germany than the United States.

Police body cameras and security cameras in the vicinity also helped the government track down those apprehended and charged. People who were nowhere near the Capitol that day had visits from various agencies as the witchhunt played out attempting to instill fear in those who would dare counter leftist rule.

Those who breached the Capitol were branded domestic terrorists and insurrectionists by a leftist-controlled government following the Trump presidency.

Members of the Proud Boys are being charged with sedition as well and it remains to be seen if the DOJ’s rate of conviction will hold as they go to trial.

“That record could be tested when prosecutors are scheduled to open their case this week against several members of the right-wing Proud Boys, including the group’s former leader, Enrique Tarrio, on charges including seditious conspiracy. The defendants have said their participation in the riot wasn’t part of a premeditated plan that hinged on violence,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Prosecutors face a high bar in securing a conviction on sedition because it requires them to prove there was a conspiracy to attack government agents or officials that posed an imminent danger. Jurors delivered a mixed verdict in a similar trial of members of the Oath Keepers militia. While all of them were convicted of felonies that carry heavy sentences, three of them were acquitted of sedition charges.”

And there may be even more charged: “Prosecutors have suggested they might charge hundreds more in connection with the Jan. 6 attack. In most weeks over the past year, the investigation has taken over much of the federal courthouse in Washington, with multiple trials running at the same time and hearings in dozens of cases. An active grand jury inquiry is still underway.”

Special counsel Jack Smith and the House Select Committee have recommended charges against former President Trump who had nothing to do with the riot. Many contend the charges are primarily for show and more like an attempt to smear and stop him from running for the presidency again than an attempt at actual justice, utilizing ginned-up, imaginary crimes to accomplish their goal.

“Our work is not done, far from it,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco threatened according to the Wall Street Journal, although by all appearances “the work” seems to be wrapping up.


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