Dr. Phil tells ‘The View’ that migrant children are being sent to ‘known’ sex rings under nose of DHS

Dr. Phil McGraw paid a house call to “The View” and dispensed some bitter pills about the horrors at the southern border that the co-hosts would have found hard to swallow from anyone else.

On Monday’s edition of the ABC daytime talk show, the beloved television psychologist joined the squawking harpies where he discussed his recent visit to the frontlines of the illegal immigration crisis and how young children are being sent into “known” sex rings under the noses of Biden’s DHS.

“My understanding is that you went to the southern border,” co-host Sunny Hostin said.”Now, you’re saying you’re going to give people facts. What did you take away from that experience and what kind of reporting are you going to be bringing back from that experience?” she asked, likely not prepared for what was about to come.

“I’ll tell you a fact I took away. I talked to the head of all the border guards down there, the head of the union,” Dr. Phil answered. “I asked him straight-up, kids are coming over the border with numbers written on them, phone numbers, and addresses. Do we check those out?”

“He said, ‘Well, we call them,'” McGraw told the ladies. “‘Is it possible that we’re sending them into known prostitution rings or sweatshops?’ He said, ‘It’s not possible. It is absolute.’ We are using American tax dollars to ship children into known prostitution and sweatshops.”

“All children or some children?” Hostin demanded.

“Well, who knows? We don’t know. I said, are you…,” he replied.

“So, what kind of checking do they do?” Co-host Ana Navarro jumped in.

Dr. Phil answered, “They call the number and say, ‘do you know about this child?’ They say, ‘Yes.’ ‘Will you receive them if they come?’ ‘Yes,” he said, recalling the conversation.

“I said, ‘Is it possible that it is a prostitution ring?’ He said, “We know enough to know that it — in a number of cases, it has turned out to be an absolute sex ring,” McGraw added. ‘It has turned out to be an absolute sweatshop.’ I said, ‘How is this possible?’ He said, ‘It’s happening.’

“What do they do then if they know that that’s happening?” Hostin asked “Where’s the U.S. Attorney’s office? Where’s the…”

McGraw replied, “Damn good question, isn’t it,” s co-host Whoopi Goldberg announced a commercial break.

The trip was a real eye-opener for Dr. Phil, who had also discussed the situation with Joe Rogan on a recent edition of his podcast.

“Holy sh*t,” Rogan exclaimed when he recalled his conversation with National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd on how U.S. taxpayer dollars are facilitating child sex trafficking.

“That’s how out of control we are down there!” McGraw stated. “We are paying money to take these children and sell them into sex slavery. They come in with these addresses written on their bodies, written on their arm and we call up there and say, ‘Do you know so and so?’ ‘Yes, we’re waiting for them.’ ‘Okay, they’ll be on a plane or a bus.’”

House Republicans voted to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas but a trial is unlikely in the Chuck Schumer Senate.

Chris Donaldson


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