Bodycam of female cop praying before confronting megachurch shooter: ‘Father God, just be with us’

Houston Police have released bodycam and surveillance footage of the woman who opened fire inside Pastor Joel O’Steen’s megachurch earlier this month.

In the latest act of violence against Christians, Genesse Moreno, a troubled 36-year-old from El Salvador dragged her young son into the Lakewood Church at around 1:53 p.m. on Feb. 11 and began spraying bullets from an AR-15 that she had legally acquired.

The four videos show different angles as Moreno opens fire with police engaging her until she’s taken down having failed to carry out her mission of mass murder. Her son was also shot during the harrowing incident.

(Video: YouTube/KHOU)

“We realize the video of this shooting may be unsettling to members of the community. HPD is releasing it as part of our commitment to release critical incident videos within 30 days,” said Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner in a statement that was posted to social media.

In the footage, the officers in street clothes are seen moving through the lobby of the church as gunshots are heard.

At one point an officer is heard praying as they approach the shooter, “Father God, just be with us. Forgive us for our sins. Come on.”

The videos which together run for nearly 24 minutes show Moreno and her son exiting their vehicle and entering the building. Moreno was wearing a tan trenchcoat and carrying a bag that was at one point, thought to contain a bomb.

“Put the weapon down, now,” one of the officers is heard shouting before firing his own gun while another warned, “She may have a bomb.”

“You killed my son,” the shooter is heard saying. “Stand down, I have a bomb. I have a f***ing bomb.”

Paramedics were summoned to the scene after the boy was shot, he is seen lying on the floor in the video. “We have a kid that’s down, about three bullets to his head,” a police officer reported on his radio.

“Our hearts are heavy as 7-year-old Samuel Moreno continues to fight for his life. No child should ever be placed in that position. He needs our support and prayers,” Chief Finner said in his statement.

Like many other mass shooters who don’t fit the left-wing narrative, Moreno all but disappeared from the news cycle due to her alleged transgender tendencies and a pro-Hamas message that was reportedly displayed on the weapon.

“While we know there are unanswered questions, this is still an active investigation. We will continue to work with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to thoroughly examine all aspects of this incident,” Finner said. “Our partnership with religious institutions remains a priority. We will continue to work to enhance safety so that all who gather can do so safely and without fear.”

Chris Donaldson


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