Republican drops shocking new allegations against Santos on House floor moments before ouster

A fiery exchange took place on the House floor between Rep. Max Miller (R-OH) and Rep. George Santos (R-NY) as Santos was being formally expelled Friday and it left a mark.

Just minutes before the House vote to give Santos the boot, Miller floated a stunning new allegation in a mass email sent to Republican colleagues that Santos had fraudulently charged his and his mother’s credit cards for donations over the FEC limit. He confronted Santos on the House floor with that and called him a crook before he was expelled.

“Over 100 Republicans voted with over 200 Democrats to expel Santos from Congress in a Friday vote. But just before that vote took place, Miller sent out an email blast to his colleagues with a shocking allegation — that Santos stole from Miller’s mother,” Mediaite reported.

“Colleagues – Late yesterday on the floor I alluded to a personal impact of Rep. Santos’s conduct,” the email kicked off.

“Earlier this year I learned that the Santos campaign had charged my personal credit card – and the personal card of my mother – for contribution amounts that exceeded FEC limits,” Miller wrote Friday. “Neither my mother nor I approved these charges or were aware of them. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in the resulting follow up.”

“I’ve seen a list of roughly 400 other people to whom the Santos campaign allegedly did this,” Miller said accusing Santos of mass theft.

Miller didn’t stop there. He also intimated that Santos had stolen from other House Republicans as well.

“I believe some other members of this conference might have had the same experience,” he contended.

Santos responded by accusing Miller of being a woman beater.

Miller wholeheartedly called for Santos’ expulsion and got his wish minutes later in a move that earned Republicans backlash on X.

“Lawmakers voted 311-114 to oust the New York Republican. The measure required the support of two-thirds of the chamber to pass. Two members voted present,” CNBC reported. “Santos is the sixth House member in U.S. history to be booted from Congress, and the third since the Civil War.”

“The removal of Santos lowers the number of House Republicans to 221, with 213 Democrats. This makes it even more difficult for the majority to pass legislation without Democratic support,” the outlet wrote.

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Democrats are drooling over Santos’ seat. Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul has 10 days to announce a special election to fill the vacancy. The vote should come in late February.

“I am prepared to undertake the solemn responsibility of filling the vacancy in New York’s 3rd District,” Hochul wrote on X following the expulsion vote. “The people of Long Island deserve nothing less.”


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