Trump will not be punished in Jean Carroll money case, judge says

The judge presiding over the case involving former President Trump’s rape accuser, E. Jean Carroll, will not punish him for moving money around in an attempt to pay her.

The judge’s decision comes after it was revealed that Trump is getting ready to make a payment in the case.

“A retired judge overseeing Donald Trump’s New York companies will not punish him for transferring $40 million without her permission, a financial attorney has said. The payments include $5.5 million to the woman that Trump was found to have sexually assaulted in a Manhattan dressing room, E. Jean Carroll,” Newsweek reported.

“Former U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Jones said in an email on Wednesday that Trump should have notified her of the transfers from his companies, which are at the center of Trump’s New York fraud trial. The email was sent to Judge Arthur Engoron, the judge presiding over the trial,” the news outlet added.

According to the judge, the transactions included a transfer of $29 million to Trump which he used for tax payments. Other transfers were used for insurance premiums and to make a payment to Carroll of $5.5 million over her civil defamation suit against him.

“In May, a New York court ordered Trump to pay Carroll $5 million for sexually assaulting her in the dressing room of a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. Part of the payment was for defamatory comments Trump made about her after she took her lawsuit against him,” Newsweek wrote.

Trump took to Truth Social to slam the ruling in favor of Carroll.

“I hope that Mayor Eric Adam’s, Andrew Cuomo, and all of the others that got sued based on this ridiculous law where someone can be sued decades later, and with no proof, will fight it on being totally unfair and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I got sued, decades later (she has no idea when her made up event took place!), by a woman – I HAD NO IDEA WHO SHE WAS. It was a made up fairytale that was brought and funded by political operatives for purposes of Election Interference,” the incensed former president wrote.

According to Paul Golden, who is a partner at New York law firm Coffey Modica LLP, the judge “appears to believe the transfers were made for legitimate purposes: tax payments, insurance premiums, and to an attorney escrow account” and that she was not inclined to sanction Trump over it.

“Engoron ruled that Trump had used fraudulent evaluations of his corporations’ assets to obtain bank loans and to boost his public prestige. Engoron then ordered that the corporations be stripped of their business licenses—ending their right to trade. Jones was then appointed to oversee the corporations that own Trump Tower in Manhattan, the Mar-a-Largo estate in Florida, several New York golf courses, and other major Trump properties,” Newsweek stated.

“Reviewing the documents in the case, Golden said that Jones had set up a ‘review protocol’ through which Trump was supposed to notify her of $5 million transfers from the companies, which have been placed in a court-approved trust,” the news outlet continued.

New York attorney Colleen Kerwick concurred with Golden.

“The purpose of a fiscal monitor is to ensure that there was no dissipation of assets to defeat a potential future judgment. While there was an oversight with respect to noticing three transfers of funds in ten months above the materiality threshold to the monitor, those transfers transpired to be for legitimate purposes—tax payments, premiums, and to an attorney escrow account, respectively. Moving forward, Trump has to disclose all transfers above the materiality threshold ($5M in aggregate) to the monitor,” Kerwick told Newsweek in an interview.

Trump still denies there was any wrongdoing concerning Carroll. He asserts that the suit was politically motivated to hurt him during his 2024 presidential campaign.


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