Elon Musk changes Twitter bird logo to the DOGE dog … because he can!

With the state of American politics beginning to smell like a rotting carcass, Elon Musk served up a nice distraction on Monday when he replaced the blue Twitter bird logo with the Dogecoin dog.

“As promised,” Musk tweeted, sharing a screengrab of an earlier exchange about making such a change and how that “would be sickkk.”

The play resulted in a much-needed boost for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, coming after Musk asked a judge on Friday to throw out a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit alleging he’s running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency, according to Reuters.

His legal team called the lawsuit by investors a “fanciful work of fiction” over Musk’s “innocuous and often silly tweets” about the cryptocurrency, the news agency reported.

Speaking of silly tweets:

While Musk’s critics were quick to dump on him and drudge all sorts of conspiratorial claims, others rolled with the sudden development.

Either way, hilarity ensued… here’s a sampling of some of the jocularity from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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