‘Embarrassing’: Bill Melugin informs Ted Lieu his ‘gotcha’ border tweet ‘isn’t the mic drop’ he thinks it is

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin simply decimated Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) who attempted a “gotcha” statistic on border numbers that devastatingly blew up in his face.

“Headlines about the border. Border at ‘Breaking Point’ More Than 76,000 Unauthorized Migrants Cross in a Month New migrant caravan of 2,500 sets out for U.S. DATE? 2019 Did MAGA Republicans blame Trump? NO. Because Republicans aren’t interested in real solutions,” Lieu posted on X, evidently believing he had hammered former President Trump.

Melugin set him straight, pointing out that the numbers Lieu provided hurt President Biden, not Trump.

“This isn’t the mic drop the Congressman thinks it is… If 76,000 in one month was a ‘breaking point’ as described by NYT in 2019, I can’t wait to see what they write about the December we’re in now, as we are currently on pace to hit 300,000 in one month. We had 269k in Sept,” Melugin responded on X.

Also of note is that what Lieu claims is a rewrite of history. He glossed over the fact that Democrats were responsible for the surge of illegal immigrants even when Trump was in office, standing in the way and blocking every move he tried to make to secure the border.

“Yet, Trump still managed to get 500 miles of wall built, secure agreements to have Mexico work as a ‘wall’ by having them do more to protect their southern border, and put in place the Remain in Mexico policy, so people had to wait there. All over the cries of recalcitrant Democrats who were more concerned with stopping Trump’s efforts and screaming about how mean he was for trying to secure the border,” Red State noted.

Melugin has practically lived at the border and he has seen first-hand the invasion up close and personal. He’s been reporting on it for years. Even he’s shocked at how bad it has become lately.

The Fox News reporter’s response to Lieu shows that either the Democrat congressman is knowingly attempting to revise history or he is cringingly uninformed about what his party has been up to concerning illegal immigration.

Biden’s current solution to the onslaught is to release the tidal wave into the US with a court date in 2031.

Lieu was rightfully dragged on social media for his lame attempt to place the blame for illegal immigration on Republicans:


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