‘Where’s leadership?’ Parents on edge as Maryland high school sees 10 fights in ONE day

In a disturbing trend in the rising number of school fights being reported, one high school in Maryland experienced nearly a dozen fights on campus – in ONE day.

Administrators at Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George’s County told parents in a letter that “a concerning series of multiple altercations” unfolded at the school on Tuesday as videos captured many images from the reported 10 incidents.

“While we understand that conflicts may arise, we must emphasize the importance of resolving disputes through constructive means. We believe in fostering a positive and respectful school environment, and such behaviors will not be tolerated nor are they reflective of the values we aim to instill in our students,” Assistant Principal Diedra Smalis-Screws wrote in the letter.

“In no way do these incidents reflect the values and standards of our school. We must work together to guide our students toward making better decisions and promoting a school climate that values cooperation and understanding. We appreciate your help in reinforcing these principles at home,” Smalls-Screws added, according to Fox 5.

According to a PGCPS spokesperson, “several” students have been suspended amid an ongoing investigation. One parent who wished to remain anonymous told the outlet she was disgusted by all the fighting,

“They’re fighting outside in the parking lot where the school buses are. Like where’s leadership? Where’s security? Where’s P.G. cops at?” she demanded.

In addition, it was reported that Principal Dr. Gorman Brown had been reinstated after being placed on administrative leave for two months.

“All the videos have been absolutely ridiculous,” parent Janese Cornish told the outlet. “Children are fighting in the hallways, they’re fighting the streets of Flowers High School and it all in my opinion, stems from them not having Dr. Brown to prevent any of this because none of this happened until he was not at the school.”

As if the fights breaking out were not already disturbing, a new report indicated that 18-year-old Ke’Shawn Reeves of Lanham, Maryland was arrested after the day of fighting for allegedly bringing a gun onto school property.

“A student was found in possession of a loaded handgun on school property,” a letter to parents stated. “The student entered the school through a side door that was opened by another student and then was promptly confronted and searched by school security.”

“[I’m] sad and emotionally distraught, because I don’t want my child to get involved or even be around that,” parent Agnes Kallon said. “What if someone ends up at the hospital or gets shot or killed? And you’re thinking, as a parent, you’re at work, your kid is safe, but next thing, you’re going to get a phone call that [says] ‘your child is in the hospital.’ It’s really concerning.”

Frieda Powers


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