Embattled ‘narcissistic’ Dem mayor gets heat for putting her stylist, makeup artist on public payroll

The small-town mayor who has become the poster gal for Democrat corruption for her spendthrift habits and “gangster” leadership style has now been accused of putting her personal make-up artist on the payroll.

In the latest news in the ongoing saga of Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Illinois, the so-called “super mayor” was doling out taxpayer money to pay a professional fashion wardrobe stylist to spruce up her public appearance.

Henyard, who draws an annual salary of nearly $300K for presiding over the Chicago-area village where the average income of residents is around $24K has been getting beautified by the vendor “Style Me Brandon,” a business owned by Brandon K. Momon, according to social media posts bragging about his work on the mayor.

“According to records from a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA), Henyard put Momon on the government payroll as an ‘ADMIN. ASSISTANT,” Fox News Digital reported. “Momon was paid $7,650, over six transactions between April 6 and June 5, 2023, according to FOIA documents.”

“Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois Brandon Momon is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant specializing in Business Meetings, the Governor’s Ball, Weddings, Red Carpet Dressings, Photo Shoots and everyday styling needs,” Momon says on his website which lists such services as “wardrobe styling, “makeovers,” “image consulting” and “personal shopping.”

The FOIA documents were provided to Fox News Digital by Stephanie Wiedeman, a former Thornton Township employee fired by Henyard, who is the county supervisor there in addition to her job as Dolton’s mayor. She described the mayor as a full-blown “narcissist” in comments to the outlet.

“[Her] personality is narcissistic,” said Wiedeman, who filed a lawsuit against the mayor in January. “I’ve met people in my life that have characteristics of being a narcissist but… every single characteristic you need to qualify for she exhibited on a regular basis.”

“She didn’t trust me. I wasn’t part of her team. Those were her words,” she said. “It wasn’t a surprise to me that I was let go. It was a surprise to me that she shattered everything else [in the Township],” she said. “The community is suffering because of it.”

The former employee also accused the mayor of siccing police on her with a “false arrest” coming as retaliation for her efforts to recall Henyard, according to the lawsuit.

“She uses the police force to harass and torture residents. I know this firsthand. I’ve been arrested by them. I get removed from meetings. If I wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it was happening,” Wiedeman said.

It was recently reported that Henyard is being probed by the FBI for using her power to retaliate against enemies and some of the perceived victims have spoken to federal agents amid mounting allegations of corruption.

(Video: YouTube/Fox 32 Chicago)

One resident, 57-year-old Lawrence Gardner whose trucking business was shut down after he refused to renew a $3500 contribution said that he turned to federal law enforcement authorities after the city wouldn’t renew his business license.

“The FBI came out and went to talk to me and I gave them all the paperwork that I had,” he told the New York Post. “They took photocopies… their division is public corruption.”

Gardner said that he had made an additional contribution but that Henyard demanded more. “I made the payment,” the businessman said. “Then every year, she started coming and required the same thing, and we had a problem about that.”

After he refused to pay more money he said that officials accused him of illegally selling alcohol and yanked his license, Gardner insists that the allegations were untrue.

She has also been accused of acting like a “gangster” after she showed up at a village board meeting dressed up like Nino Brown, the crime kingpin played by Wesley Snipes in the 1991 movie “New Jack City,” a stunt that some believe was intended to intimidate her critics.

“Y’all got false narratives out there, and y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all black. Y’all are black! And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a black woman that’s in power. Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves,” Henyard railed during a live-streamed meeting where she was questioned about her lavish spending, using thousands of taxpayer dollars on vacations, dining, and luxury hotel accommodations.

Chris Donaldson


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