Emotional Drew Barrymore posts ‘unsettling’ video of her missing friend Adam Sandler – he responds

Actress Drew Barrymore ignited social media reactions with a head-scratching video she posted where she cried over a movie she made with Adam Sandler.

The 48-year-old star and talk-show host shared a video on her Instagram account that showed her emotional reaction to seeing the movie “The Wedding Singer” on her TV.  Her early morning cry-fest left many wondering about Barrymore as well as some of the peculiar details of her home.

Her odd post even got the attention of her co-star who shot back an affectionate message.

“I love you so much @adamsandler. The Wedding Singer came on my TV as I was getting ready to leave the house and I had to take in this moment and watch it,” Barrymore wrote on her Instagram post.



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“It started this morning,” she explained in the video. “I was supposed to be heading to yoga class, and I’m taking the next later one so I can watch it.”

“We made such a good movie, I love you so much, Happy New Year,” she continued amid tears. “What year is it that we met in the newsroom? 1922?”

Barrymore then panned her camera to the oddly small television she was watching as a clip played of Sandler’s Robbie Hart character serenading her character, Julia Sullivan from the 1998 film which even included “White Wedding” singer Billy Idol, playing as himself.

Barrymore and Sandler have also paired up for 2004’s “50 First Dates” and 2014’s “Blended.”

Sandler responded to Barrymore’s video post, writing, “Love u always Drew. Happy New Year.”

While some Hollywood fans may have thought Barrymore’s emotional breakdown over the rom-com was cute, many on social media chimed in with the many questions the video inspired.

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