Eric Holder on Dems ‘losing’ their base: It’s unfair to compare Biden to ‘unbeatably popular’ Obama

Former Attorney General Eric Holder believes Joe Biden’s struggle to keep his base from defecting will be “just fine.”

Still, Holder said, it would be better if people would stop comparing the often-confused incumbent with a Democratic president who was actually “popular.”

Holder appeared on Friday’s episode of comedian Bill Mahar’s “Real Time” HBO show and told the host that such comparisons to Barack Obama — an “African American” president who “galvanized people” — are simply “not fair.”

Biden allegedly received tens of millions more votes (a total of more than 81 million) in 2020 than Obama did in either 2008 (69 million votes) or 2012 (65 million).

Mahar confronted Holder, who served in Obama’s administration, with the concern that support for Democrats is slipping.

“The fact that the Democrats, by every poll I read, are, I would just say losing their base,” Mahar said. “I mean, if you look at non-white working-class voters, there has been a 61-point shift.”

“That’s an incredible amount from 2012; it’s in 12 years,” the host noted. “Obama in 2012, when you were the attorney general, I think won it by 67 points, that demographic. Biden won it by 48; now he’s only up by six. What’s going on there?”

“Well, I think, first off, you’re measuring March against November,” Holder replied. “This, looking at what, where people are right now, I think you’ll probably see a movement with regard to working-class people of all races toward Biden by the time we get to November.”

“You’re also comparing an extremely, unbeatably popular African American running for the first time who really galvanized people, you know, in all strata of life,” he argued. “And so I think in some ways that’s not a fair comparison.”

Holder dismissed the latest polls.

“I think we should not be too alarmed by these March polls,” he said. “Gotta take them into consideration, but March is a fundamentally different month than October and November. We’ll see where these things turn out when we get to that part of the calendar year.”

Neither Mahar nor his audience were convinced.

“Hmm, okay. But— ” Mahar began.

The audience’s laughter cut him off.

Holder insisted that he’s “optimistic” about Biden’s chances, because, after all, former President Donald Trump has “cognitive issues.”

“I mean, the deal is, there’s work to be done,” he said. “But I’m actually optimistic that if we stay committed, focused and, as the media turns its attention to making this a binary choice between a person whose got some age and cognitive issues — that would be Trump — against somebody who is, actually, against somebody who has actually accomplished a lot, I think we’ll be just fine.”

The former AG may be in for a nasty shock.

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump currently leads Biden in every battleground state,” the Daily Caller reports, “including Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada.”

According to one user on X, Holder’s absurd assertions only prove that “Democrats are scared.”

“Democrats are scared, they’re frightened, and they see the inevitable train coming towards them,” the user wrote. “They’re also desperate to make up a new excuse or spin or piece of propaganda every day to try to save what they have currently, and, the more that they talk, the more that they lose.”

Melissa Fine


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