Ex-ESPN reporter Charly Arnolt cuts loose: Brittney Griner is a Biden admin puppet, Lia Thomas a ‘bigot’

Former ESPN reporter Charly Arnolt suffered five years at the leftist outlet before joining Outkick and now she’s letting loose, calling transgender swimmer Lia Thomas a bigot and basketball star Brittney Griner a puppet for the Biden administration.

She asserts that ESPN “judged her for every little thing she said or did” and that it was impossible to be her “genuine, authentic self” where she could voice her honest opinions on issues without losing her job.

Arnolt, 35, has found her new home at Outkick where she can be herself and isn’t persecuted for her opinions. Now, she feels she is free to take on controversial issues. She sat down with the Daily Mail in New York and told them nothing is off the table.

The first one she eviscerated was Brittney Griner, the 6-foot-9 WNBA player who was swapped from a cozy cell in a Russian penal colony by the Biden Administration for Russian arms dealer, “The Merchant of Death” Victor Bout. Griner was nabbed on drug charges and the Russians used her as a bargaining chip.

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

In April, Griner gave her two cents worth on the trans debate. She ridiculously called it a “crime” to take biological men out of women’s sports.

“You have to look at the administration that got her out of prison in Russia, our current administration,” Arnolt stated. “So, she’s probably going to do whatever it is that they want her to do. Brittney Griner should be very thankful that she wouldn’t have had that obstacle leading up to this point because she might not be playing in the WNBA if she would have.”

“I also think that just calling it a crime is taking it one step further, and that’s the scary part, is now it’s not just saying, ‘Oh, this is wrong,’ we’re criminalizing. It’s very much the left’s disposition to take dissenting viewpoints and criminalize them. We’re getting mediocre males who want to cross over into women’s competition. So what if there’s a super dominant male athlete?” the new Outkick host asked.

Then it was transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ turn to get hammered. The transgender athlete previously said that those who stand against biological men encroaching on a space made for women are “policing women’s bodies.”

“I think she’s the biggest bigot that I have encountered in recent times because she is forcing her own beliefs onto other people and saying that if you don’t believe in this, then you’re a hateful person,” Arnolt asserted. “You were a mediocre athlete in terms of male competition, and then you decided that you wanted to jump up the ladder and enter into the women’s competition.”

“You are built differently than a woman. Anyone who tries to make the argument that there is a gender spectrum, you can believe whatever you want, but science will tell you, the DNA will tell you, there was a man and there was a woman. I don’t care how you want to identify; at ground zero, that’s who you are,” she continued.

“I find it offensive as a woman when a man decides that just because they have decided to live their life and identify differently, that now they can enter into a space that belongs to women that they have fought so hard for and just completely obliterate the success and opportunities that they should have,” Arnolt added.

Outside of the socially oppressive studios of ESPN, Arnolt displays fire that has previously been doused.

She was not done either. The subject of gay soccer player Megan Rapinoe came up next. Rapinoe has been venomous when it comes to altering Title IX.

“Suddenly she’s turning around after she retires from playing for the national team and says, ‘Yeah, I totally I totally believe that males should be able to play with women,'” Arnolt remarked. “She’s promoted equality and women’s rights and the ability to be able to share in their success, that is almost completely the opposite to what she’s put forth.”

She claims she doesn’t know what motivates Rapinoe but suggested she could be a pawn just like Griner is.

Arnolt is exceedingly worried about America and its future as well.

‘I think that once you really take a look at what’s happening or try to involve yourself in the discussion, it really opens your eyes because I think [for] a lot of people ignorance is bliss, right? A lot of people just go about their lives and [think] if it doesn’t affect me right here now, then I’m not going to worry about it,” she asserted.

“It’s a slippery slope that we’re experiencing and it’s one issue compiling against another and another and another. And even like we’re seeing in school systems now, in some places, they’ve taken the words ‘man’ and ‘woman’ out of biology lessons. Now they’re referred to as sperm producers and egg producers,” Arnolt expounded. “It’s just bizarre, the road that we’re going down. And I don’t see an end to it unless people start speaking up.”

She then pivoted back to ESPN and noted that opinions such as hers had no place on the network.

“I think there would be repercussions,” Arnolt candidly said concerning her opinions. “I think if enough people stood up for what is right in for issues that need to be more publicly talked about, personally, I don’t think there’s much they could do because what happens when all of the big faces of the company start speaking up, they’re not going to get rid of everybody.”

“Until people get the courage and realize that until we start standing up for what’s right and putting our foot down on some issues, things are going to continue getting worse and worse,” she concluded.

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