‘Which NBA team would have her?’ Riley Gaines on Brittney Griner backing transgender athletes

Former NCAA medaled swimmer Riley Gaines expressed disappointment, but not a lot of surprise, when WNBA star Brittney Griner came out in defense of transgender athletes’ participation in sports, calling it “heartbreaking” and a “demeaning stance.”

Griner made big headlines when she was arrested in February 2022 for bringing vape cartridges containing hash oil through a Moscow airport. She was convicted of the crime in what was described as a sham trial by the communist regime and sentenced to nine years in a Russian hellhole. A prisoner swap ensued in December trading Griner for international terrorist arms dealer and all-around vicious scumbag “The Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout.

The women’s basketball player is back as if nothing ever happened except now she is touting leftist propaganda. The Phoenix Mercury star called it “a crime” to “separate someone for any reason” at a press conference when asked about state legislation that is intended to stop transgender athletes from competing against those of the gender they identify as.

“Which NBA team would have @brittneygriner since apparently the overwhelming, obvious differences between men and women should simply be overlooked? Heartbreaking to see athletically successful women take this demeaning stance,” Gaines tweeted on Sunday in response to Griner’s comments. “And if we’re going to talk about crimes, Brittney…”

Griner made her remarks on Thursday in front of the media and in answer to a question by an ESPN reporter on transgender athletes in sports, “That ranks high on the list of things I’ll be fighting for and speaking up against. Everyone deserves the right to play. Everyone deserves the right to come here, sit in these seats and feel safe – and not feel like there’s the threat, or they can’t be who they are, or like it’s just all eyes on them.”

“I think it’s a crime, honestly, to separate someone for any reason. So, I definitely will be speaking up against that legislation and those laws that are trying to be passed, for sure,” she added.

The Kansas State High School Activities Association’s executive board voted on Wednesday that high schools and middle schools must first see the birth certificates of transgender athletes in order to decide which teams they can play on, according to Fox News.

Last week, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed in the House of Representatives. Its goal is to prevent biological males from competing in girls and women’s sports.

“Today is a great day for America, for fairness, for families, and most importantly for female athletes,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) proclaimed. “House Republicans pledged before the last election our commitment to America to women and girls in sports. Today, we kept that promise.”

President Biden has vowed that he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

Many on Twitter fully support Gaines’ response to Griner and slammed the basketball player for her stance:

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