Ex-Fox News host brutally attacks Tucker Carlson: ‘unabashed hatred of Jews’ – ‘siding with terrorists’

Tucker Carlson is facing increasing backlash over his interview earlier this week of a controversial Christian pastor living in the West Bank.

As previously reported, during the interview both Carlson and Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac slammed the American “religious right” for supporting Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, arguing that the war is leading to the unnecessary deaths of countless Christians.

The interview prompted massive backlash from the pro-Israel conservative right, who accused Carlson of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Among his critics was NewsNation‘s Leland Vittert, who on Wednesday slammed both Carlson and liberal comedian Jon Stewart for their recent criticisms of the Israel-Hamas war, claiming they hate Jews. Vittert is a former Fox News employee who had a more liberal bent than many of his colleagues.


“Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief, would be proud,” he began. “Again, Tucker’s a smart guy. Yet he’s taking the side of terrorists. There’s no other explanation [for this] than his unabashed hatred of Jews.”

“Twenty years ago, we all remember, Stewart exposed Tucker for what he is. That ended Carlson’s tenure on CNN’s Crossfire. But there’s a larger lesson to take now six months since Hamas attacked Israel, since the hostages were taken,” he continued.

Vittert then claimed that the Israel-Hamas war has exposed Carlson and Stewart’s innate anti-Semitism.

“Hamas has been exposed for what they are, Stewart has been exposed for caving to his liberal viewers, Carlson’s been exposed for siding with terrorists,” he said.

“And now in America – and this is the sad part – hating Jews, calling for their destruction, celebrating their rape, it’s now ok. It’s hard to have peace with people who think that is ok,” he added.

Despite Vittert’s attack, it is in fact true that Christians are dying in the Israel-Hamas war:

But it’s also true, as noted by Trump-era U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, that Christians in Gaza and the West Bank are being simultaneously persecuted by the Palestinian government.

In a tweet posted Tuesday, Friedman specifically drew attention to the persecution of Christians in Bethlehem, a city in the West Bank whose government is under the control of Palestinians.

“Tucker, my friend, before the Palestinians took over Bethlehem pursuant to the Oslo Accords in the mid-1990’s, Bethlehem was under Israeli control and its population was 80% Christian,” he wrote. “It was one of the centers of the Christian world.”

“Since Oslo and the resulting Palestinian rule, Bethlehem became 80% Muslim and Christians are afraid. But they don’t speak out against the Palestinian Authority because you just can’t and survive,” he added.


According to writer Joel Pollak, it’s also true that Isaac, the Palestinian Christian pastor, doesn’t believe that Israel should even exist.

In tweets posted Tuesday, Pollak accused Isaac of spreading “false claims” about Israel and of being against the Abraham Accords.

“Rev. Isaac is an activist who campaigns worldwide against evangelical Christian support for Israel,” he wrote. “He tells Carlson evangelicals should not use the Bible as a basis for supporting Israel. He is entitled to these beliefs, but they are not authoritative in any broader sense.”


Meanwhile, commentator Seth Mandel accused Carlson of thinking Christians are gullible fools.

“There’s no one in American life who thinks less of Christians than Tucker,” he tweeted Tuesday. “He doesn’t like Jews, but he at least doesn’t think we’re stupid. Even Trump’s Bible selling is transparently transactional. Tucker’s entire shtick relies on his belief that Christians are gullible saps.”

Vivek Saxena


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