‘Excellent idea!’ DeSantis promises radical reform to make universities accountable, give taxpayers relief

During the 4th GOP presidential primary debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promised to radically reform how student loans work in America.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis said that he would change the federal student loan system to make it so that the debt is backed by universities, in a bid to make colleges more accountable and to prevent taxpayers from having to support elite educations,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Listen to his exact words below:

“Student loans are going to be backed by universities. I don’t support having a truck driver paying a student loan that got a degree in gender studies — that’s wrong — but I’m going to get to the root cause of the problem,” he said.

His plan earned him praise from unexpected sources, including former CNN talking head Chris Cuomo.

“DeSantis gave a voice to an issue in America…that I have not heard from any of these candidates on the other side until the way he said it tonight,” Cuomo said of the governor’s plan after the debate.


DeSantis’ plan was likely inspired by President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional decision this week to forgive an additional $4.8 billion student debt.

“President Joe Biden moved to forgive $4.8 billion in student loans Wednesday, providing relief to more than 80,000 borrowers including public sector employees and Americans who have been repaying their federal debts for decades,” Bloomberg reported.

“The move implements regulatory changes taken by the administration to expand access to existing programs. Under new rules, the US wiped out $2.6 billion in loans for more than 34,000 federal, state, local, and nonprofit employees, including teachers and members of the military,” according to Bloomberg.

The problem with this forgiveness of loans is that it’s coming from taxpayer funds collected from working-class Americans. Also, the forgiveness of student loans is being applied regardless of the borrower’s chosen major.

This means that the truck driver, as mentioned by DeSantis, is being forced to pay back the student loans of people who attended college to pursue meaningless degrees that later left them broke, unemployed, and unable to repay.

Degrees like gender studies …

Responding to the governor’s idea, members of the public were mostly receptive to it.


As for Biden’s student loan forgiveness, it’s been called “un-American” by business entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary.

“Why would one cohort of graduates in this particular time be forgiven their loan when everybody else that came before them or after them, potentially has to pay back their debt?” he asked Thursday morning on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”

“Forgiving debt is such a horrific idea. What about if you were in the military and you served your country, and then you went and borrowed money, 60, $80,000, and you have to pay it back and these people don’t? I mean, that’s just wrong,” he added.

“I find this [is] just something that many people are going to find offensive because it’s so unfair. Many voters won’t like it. It’ll become an issue,” he continued.

Vivek Saxena


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