Explosive new book talks Kamala’s ‘rabbit ears’ and the two issues she refused to work on

A new book on President Joe Biden’s administration claimed there were two issues his vice president voiced wanting nothing to do with while she maintained “rabbit ears” on a matter of extreme personal interest.

When she hasn’t been busy waxing poetic on Venn diagrams and school buses or serving up word salads like a grade-schooler stretching to hit a target length for an essay, Vice President Kamala Harris has taken great lengths to avoid managing the border crisis of which she was given charge. For those wondering where her focus has been, a new book from The Atlantic writer Franklin Foer revealed it has been set on tackling “criticism of her.”

Set to be released Tuesday, Fox News presented excerpts from “The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future” that spoke to her apparent priorities.

“Harris possessed what one of her colleagues described as ‘rabbit ears.’ Whenever there was a hint of criticism of her — either in the West Wing or in the press — she seemed instantly aware of it,” wrote Foer.

“Rather than brushing it aside, she wanted to know who was speaking ill of her and what they were saying,” the passage continued as the author went on to assert that when she “read a devastating story…about her mismanagement of her team,” the vice president “responded by briefly freezing out an aide whom she suspected of cooperating with reporters.”

The author added, “She let the criticism guide her. Instead of diligently sticking to the Central America assignment, she seemed to accept the conventional wisdom about it. It was a futile gig, so she let it fall to the side, missing an opportunity to grind her way to a meaningful achievement.”

Not readily apparent was whether or not the book addressed Harris’ response to frequent critiques of her oratory musings on “the passage of time” or her fondness for the word “community.”

Instead, the vice president, who was chosen after then-candidate Biden had narrowed his running mate selection down to the criteria of being a woman of color, was revealed to have no desire to be connected to any issues dealing with women or race.

Pushed out of a complimentary role for the president as Biden had held as vice president to President Barack Obama, Harris was reportedly turned over to then-White House chief of staff Ron Klain as a guide because “He thought of himself as the building’s resident expert on the vice presidency, having worked for both Al Gore and Joe Biden as they sat in the second chair.”

While Biden “treated [Harris] with impeccable respect, he simply didn’t hand her the substantive role that he played in the Obama administration.”

“But,” Foer described, “[Klain] struggled to productively help her. He felt Harris kept making life excessively difficult by imposing all sorts of constraints on herself. She told [Klain] that she didn’t want to work on women’s issues or anything to do with race. She wanted her office to be majority female — and to have a Black woman as chief of staff.”

Meanwhile, all the talk of Harris’ role in the White House appeared belied by a report from The Daily Caller on the seemingly extensive inactivity from the vice president since the announced re-election bid in April.

According to their analysis, she had 27 work days left void of activity on her public schedule since April 25, and a number of days with only one appointment. For example, in May, five weekdays were blank and nine were occupied with a single task like the morning briefing with Biden or brunch with the president of the Philippines.

Kevin Haggerty


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