‘Fanatical, well-funded group’ organizing voters to stop Trump in primaries. Their alleged goal may surprise you.

Critics are raising concerns about a “highly organized, well-funded, and experienced” campaign to cheat former President Donald Trump out of a primary win.

The campaign is being waged by Primary Pivot, a leftist group that’s been urging Democrat voters to switch their party affiliation so that they can vote in the GOP presidential primary elections.

“The organization’s rationale is simple …: If Trump poses an extraordinary threat to American democracy — as many liberals and left-leaning independents believe — then those same voters should embrace extraordinary methods to stop him,” according to Politico.

The campaign’s results were most recently seen in New Hampshire, where Trump beat presidential candidate Nikki Haley by a much smaller margin of victory than expected.

But Haley didn’t perform well because of Republicans turning on Trump — she performed so well because Democrats switched their party status so they could vote in the GOP primary.

“New Hampshire secretary of state [said] more than 4,000 Democrats switched their party affiliation to undeclared or Republican” before this week’s election, NPR reported.

Critics like Brian Cates, formerly with The Epoch Times, believe with 100 percent certainty that Trump would have performed even better had it not been for Primary Pivot.

“If Primary Pivot hadn’t moved thousands of Democrats to undeclared status in preparation for last night’s primary, Trump beats NeoCon Nikki’s bony warmongering ass by more than 20 points,” he tweeted Wednesday.

In the same tweet, he described Primary Pivot as “a fanatical highly organized, well-funded, and experienced professional organization at work trying to stop Trump in the primaries by getting thousands and thousands of Democrats to change their party status to undeclared.”

He went on to accuse the organization of also trying to hurt Trump in the South Carolina primary election scheduled for next month.

“I guarantee you all these same people are now fanatically at work in South Carolina, moving thousands of Democrats in a highly organized and well-funded fashion into changing their party affiliation to undeclared,” he wrote.

“They are gaming the system to try to blunt and obscure and hide the true level of support that Trump has,” he added.

In another tweet posted Wednesday, he warned that the nefarious group’s goal isn’t to win outright but rather “to keep it close enough to steal.”

As for Haley, she’s been denying that her decent performance in New Hampshire was because of Democrat voters.

“Democrats can’t vote in the NH primary. They haven’t been able to change their registration for months,” she tweeted last week.


But was she just ignorant of the facts or lying? The evidence suggests it was the latter.

The evidence includes a photo of Haley alongside Primary Pivot co-founder Robert Schwartz.


Vivek Saxena


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