Fauci advisor’s intentionally-hidden emails show major cover up: ‘we have 15,000 (COVID) samples in freezers in Wuhan’

A House committee has subpoenaed a top advisor to former NIAID chief Dr. Anthony Fauci, demanding access to ALL his emails.

This stunning move by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic comes after the release of some of Dr. David Morens’ emails.

Released this week, the emails show Morens speaking openly about the NIAID’s work with Peter Daszak, the boss of EcoHealth Alliance, an organization that, after collecting $3.4 million grants from the NIH, directed that money to the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Morens “intentionally used his personal email to hide conversations about the origins of COVID-19 and subvert federal transparency laws,” according to a press release from the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“Dr. Morens recklessly provided Dr. Daszak with access to non-public information and offered insight into internal conversations at NIAID. In one email, Dr. Morens appears to have disclosed Dr. Fauci’s efforts and provided Dr. Daszak with information about internal deliberations related to EcoHealth Alliance’s grant suspension,” the press release reads.

“Dr. Morens wrote in an email to Dr. Daszak, ‘Tony is now fully aware I think and is I am told involved in some sort of damage control.’ In another email, Dr. Daszak agrees to contact Dr. Morens via his personal Gmail account instead of his government email account to communicate about information related to COVID-19 and NIAID grants stating, ‘David – We’ll communicate with you via gmail from now on’ and then concerningly adds ‘we have 15,000 samples in freezers in Wuhan.'”

In a statement, the committee chair Brad Wenstrup, a Republican, slammed Morens for his “abuse of power” and “blatant disregard for the law.”

“Dr. David Morens purposefully evaded FOIA laws to give his ‘best-friend’ EcoHealth Alliance President Dr. Peter Daszak non-public, internal information that had the potential to undermine the operations of the United States government,” he said. “This is not only highly concerning, but it is also likely illegal.”

“Dr. Morens must be held accountable for any abuse of power and his blatant disregard for the law. The subpoena for Dr. Morens’s personal email communication will ensure that the truth about this federal records violation is brought to light,” he added.

The original set of emails that inspired this subpoena were, in fact, released by EcoHealth Alliance in an attempt to defend itself from whistleblower accusations that Morens had used his email account to correspond with others about COVID-19 and then deleted the relevant emails.

“There have been a series of recent news reports about emails between EcoHealth Alliance and staff at the National Institutes of Health,” EcoHealth Alliance said in a statement when the emails were released. “These reports do not show the full text of the emails in question, but allege that they are part of a cover up, or represent inappropriate communications.”

“EcoHealth Alliance is releasing the full text of these email chains here. Contrary to the news reports, they show clearly that EcoHealth Alliance was appropriately communicating with senior staff at the NIH, or who formerly worked at NIH, to try to identify ways to reinstate a grant that had been terminated unexpectedly and arbitrarily, then suspended with onerous conditions,” the statement continues.

But the attempt to appease critics failed spectacularly, inspiring the latest subpoena and prompting a fury of outrage at EcoHealth Alliance.

Morens previously testified to the committee in January, during which time he denied ever deleting any emails.

“This claim raised serious concerns as it was partially inconsistent with emails previously released by the Select Subcommittee in which Dr. Morens stated ‘I always try to communicate over gmail because my NIH email is FOIA’d constantly’ and ‘I will delete anything I don’t want to see in the New York Times,'” according to the committee.

Afterward, the unnamed whistleblower provided the committee with some of Morens’ emails — enough of them to convince committee members that he wasn’t being on the up and up about everything.

Vivek Saxena


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