FBI’s Peter Strzok concealed CIA memo that Hillary was trying to ‘frame’ Trump

The release of the long-awaited report by Special Counsel John Durham rocked the political world as it exposed that the Russia collusion narrative used to undermine former President Donald J. Trump was always a massive hoax.

Among the damning nuggets of malfeasance within the 300-plus page report is a revelation that the disgraced Trump-hating former FBI agent Peter Strzok buried a memo from the CIA that 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have been hyping the concocted ties to Russia to “frame” Trump who would later go on to spring the political upset of the century against the heavily favored former first lady.

Reporter Luke Rosiak combed through the Durham report on the FBI’s anti-Trump Operation Crossfire Hurricane and highlighted a key passage that should have given pause to a less ideological agent than Strzok, who once remarked that he could “smell” Trump supporters at Walmart.

“In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee,” the report stated.

But the September 2016 CIA “referral memo” that was addressed to then-Deputy Assistant Director Strzok and his boss, fired former FBI director James Comey never saw the light of day, a withholding of a key piece of information that could have altered history and averted the current downward spiral of the nation into the abyss of authoritarian despotism driven by a corrupt kakistocracy and an unrestrained deep state.

“The CIA sent a memo to Peter Strzok saying it had intel that Clinton was trying to frame Trump for Russia ties. Strzok concealed it from the team tasked with investigating Russia. When one agent found out, he felt so ‘betrayed’ that he stormed out,” Rosiak wrote in a Twitter thread, drawing attention to his reporting on the dirty former special agent’s actions.

“FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Dina Corsi told the team not to put anything in writing about the fake dossier, in what an FBI lawyer in the room said was ‘the most inappropriate operational or professional statement he had ever heard at the FBI,'” he added.

“FBI agents said top brass pressured them intensely to continue investigating ‘dry holes,’ and they were asking, ‘What are we even doing here?’ because it was so obviously fake. The Steele dossier went missing within FBI for 75 days before being foisted on them with no time to vet,” Rosiak wrote.

“While chasing down every conceivable flimsy rabbit hole sourced from literally fabricated anonymous sources saying preposterous things, the FBI studiously avoided simply getting to the bottom of it by refusing to interview those most involved: Dolan, Papadapolous, Carter Page,” he concluded.

Twitter users reacted to the shocking exposure of more dirty dealing from the rogue special agent.

There is no longer any way to deny the abuse of power of Strzok and his fellow malefactors thanks to Durham but tragically, the only court that he will ever likely be convicted in is the court of public opinion and even that is doubtful considering the degree to which the media is controlled by the regime and the sad reality that the vast majority of people are brainwashed, stupid or completely onboard with the subversion of longstanding principles to get rid of Trump.

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Chris Donaldson


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