Federal agencies, military celebrate Pride Month, but are one-upped by Air Force drag queen ‘glow party’

The U.S. government is going all out for Pride Month amid reports it’s been wasting money to hire drag queens to entertain military members.

Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Judicial Watch obtained proof that the Department of Defense has been paying for drag queens to perform for military members.

For example, two drag events — “drag bingo” and a “glow party” — were held at the RAF Alconbury Air Base in England in June of 2022. Combined, the events cost the Air Force $400.

But it gets worse.

In June of 2021, Ramstein & Vogelweh Air Force Libraries published a social media post advertising a drag queen story time for kids.

“We’re celebrating PRIDE month with our very first DRAG STORY TIME! Our local Drag King, Sauvage, will be reading some of our favorite stories about what makes each of us special. Story time begins at 1030!” the social media post read.

The post included references to the books Sauvage intended to read: “I Am Perfectly Designed” by Karamo Brown and “The HIPS on the DRAG QUEEN Go Swish, Swish, Swish.”

Numerous other events were discovered by Judicial Watch, some of them scheduled to occur this very month.

“An advertisement for an 18 and older event on June 4 called ‘Drag Karaoke’ at ‘Club E’ with ‘special guest from Monarchy of RoyalTEA’ announces prizes for ‘best dressed’ and drink specials,” according to the conservative watchdog group.

“An advertisement for a seven-week summer reading program re-promotes ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ on June 10 and shows each week given a different color identification for events that include virtual story times, teen socials and scavenger hunts,” the reporting continues.

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton was floored by these findings.

“How on Earth is it appropriate to spend our limited defense dollars on promoting these sexually themed events for children and adults rather than on advancing the military’s mission,” he said in a statement. “As we see in these troubling Air Force records, our nation’s military is being ruined by woke ideology.”

“The Department of Defense has once again proven that radical leftist ideology is more important than military preparedness and protecting Americans from tangible threats at home and abroad,” Tim Huelskamp of CatholicVote, which helped Judicial Watch obtain the records, added.

“After an entire year of stonewalling, the DOD finally returned materials from just one command in one branch, which confirmed what we feared – that taxpayer funds were being used to promote drag shows and radical gender ideology on military bases, with full approval from Air Force leadership,” he continued.

These findings come amid a stunning effort by the entire U.S. government to celebrate Pride Month.

Case in point:

This attempt to shove LGBT propaganda down the American people’s throats hasn’t sat well with critics.

“Can you PLEASE just DO your JOBS?!?” one critic tweeted.

“If anyone is wondering why they keep posting this despite the fact that we all hate it, it’s because this is a Regime humiliation tactic. They know we can’t do anything about it so they’re flipping us the bird,” another critic wrote.

See more responses below:

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