Female Tennessee cop who ‘went wild’ with 6 male co-workers awarded $500,000 from city

A former Tennessee police officer at the center of a sex scandal involving six of her co-workers has settled her lawsuit against the City of La Vergne for a whopping $500,000.

As previously reported, Maegan Hall of Tennessee’s La Vergne Police Department was fired in January 2023 after allegations were made that she was having sex with her coworkers, sent them nude pictures, took off her top at a “Girls Gone Wild”-themed hot tub party, and performed oral sex on two fellow officers while she was on duty.

In February 2023, Hall filed suit against the city of La Vergne, claiming she “was a victim of sexual harassment while being groomed for ‘sexual exploitation,'” according to Nashville’s WSMV.

After the salacious story became a national headline, Hall has faced public ridicule and the bad publicity has made it hard for her to find new employment, her lawyers said.

“Maegan Hall was a vulnerable and optimistic 24-year-old woman who had applied to be a police officer in the City of La Vergne,” the lawsuit stated, according to WSMV. “Where Ms. Hall sought role models at her new job, she instead found predators.”

The City of La Vergne, fired Police Chief Burrel “Chip” Davis, and Sergeants Lewis Powell and Henry “Ty” McGowan were named as defendants in the now-dismissed lawsuit, which “claimed Davis, Powell and McGowan, among others, used their authority to manipulate and exploit Hall,” WSMV reports.

“Maegan Hall felt trapped in the role assigned to her at the City of La Vergne Police Department and, in an attempt to escape, she nearly killed herself,” the lawsuit alleged. “Then, the City blamed her for everything. This lawsuit seeks justice for Maegan Hall.”

Officers, such as Powell, repeatedly pressured the “vulnerable” Hall for sex, creating a workplace “permeated with sexual innuendo and sexually explicit behavior,” according to her lawyers.

Eventually, Hall gave in to their requests for her to perform sexual acts on them.

“Davis, who was fired after a third-party investigation into the sex scandal, solicited pornographic images of Hall from La Vergne Police Department supervisors and actively encouraged McGowan to engage in sexually exploitative behaviors like non-consensual sharing of nude photographs and participating in degrading sexual activities,” WSMV reports. “Much of the claims detailed in the lawsuit were substantiated by the third-party investigation.”

On Wednesday, the city issued a statement.

“The La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to authorize the mayor to sign a settlement agreement between the City of La Vergne and former police officer Maegan Hall,” it said. “The agreement was negotiated between the attorneys representing the City and Hall. The City’s insurance provider will pay the sum of $500,000 to Hall as a gross settlement, which includes court costs, attorneys fees, and expenses.

“The City denies any admission of liability.”

Melissa Fine


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