Fetterman reminds he’s still a Democrat with offer to officiate out-of-state gay weddings

Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) continues his miraculous bounceback after undergoing treatment for clinical depression by offering to travel out-of-state to perform homosexual weddings.

While other Democrats raged after Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee recently signed a bill that permits local officials who have moral qualms about performing the same-sex unions to refuse to do so, the Pennsylvania senator showed that he is truly a jack of all trades.

“To any same-sex couples in Tennessee, it would be my pleasure to travel to your beautiful state and officiate your wedding. DM me,” the hulking hoodie-clad galoot wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Fetterman also shared a local news article from back in 2013 touting his performing same-sex weddings at a time when they were banned in the Keystone State and he was the mayor of blue-collar Braddock, Pa.

“He’s the mayor tackling blight in Braddock. Now, Mayor John Fetterman is taking another stand by marrying gay couples,” WTAE reported. “Fetterman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he has opened his home — a former car dealership that he and his wife are renovating — to four same-sex couples and had been scheduled to marry a fifth Wednesday night.”

“I call on Gov. Corbett to tear this law down. We should not have discrimination as part of our state constitution,” Mayor Fetterman said at the time.

After Volunteer State lawmakers approved Tennessee House Bill 878 last week which states that people “shall not be required to solemnize a marriage” if they refuse because of their “conscience or religious beliefs,” it was signed into law by Governor Lee, another rollback of the left’s cultural onslaught that had, until recently, been met with little opposition.

Fetterman’s stance against Tennessee’s new law could earn him back some of the spent credibility with his party’s sexual degenerate Jew-hating base which turned against him over his vocal support of Israel in its war against the Hamas terrorist organization.

While Fetterman’s willing to buck the progressive base that has defended him on key issues like Israel and the illegal immigration crisis and has been outspoken about “sleazeball” Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who is facing federal bribery and corruption charges, he is as loyal as a dog when it comes to his fellow Pennsylvanian, President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on regime propaganda outlet MSNBC, the senator assailed Democrat critics of Biden, suggesting that they might as well be members of the enemy camp.

“I don’t understand why,” he said.

“I don’t know what’s in it for you to do that whether you’re just chasing clout or you want to make it in the news or anything like that. But if you’re not willing to just support the president now and say these kinds of things, you might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump with this,” Fetterman said on “Morning Joe” as he blasted those in his own party who are grumbling about the deeply unpopular incumbent.

Chris Donaldson


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