First Lady Jill Biden goes off on reporters for asking questions

President Joe Biden may not be a bundle of energy these days, but First Lady Jill Biden was raring to go on Monday, hitting the campaign trail on her own to keep her husband’s quest for reelection alive.

Amid swirling concerns about the 81-year-old president’s mental acuity and growing calls from within his own party to stand down, Mrs. Biden embarked on a three-state campaign swing in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, with a focus on veterans and military families.

It was during her visit to Florida that the first lady took offense to reporters daring to call out questions to her, shooting back, “Don’t scream at me.”

“What is your message for House Democrats who are calling for your husband to drop out of the race?” a reporter asked in Tampa. Another reporter called out, “How are you feeling about the state of the race?”

“Why are you screaming at me? You know me. Don’t scream at me, just let me talk,” an irked Jill Biden replied.

And with that, she continued on to an awaiting vehicle without talking — naturally, the fawning press pool immediately fell in line upon being rebuked.

Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Evan Power welcomed Mrs. Biden to the Sunshine State in a scathing statement.

“While pressure continues to mount for Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race, Jill Biden campaigns for him because she may embarrass Democrats less than Sleepy Joe,” Power said. “Jill Biden is desperately trying to change the narrative that Joe Biden should drop out of the race but the fact is that their lies have caught up with them.”

”Florida is the most military and veteran-friendly state in the nation thanks to common sense, conservative Republican policies,” he added. “You won’t find President Trump abandoning our troops in a foreign country like Biden did in Afghanistan and later lie about it. Unlike Joe Biden, Florida members of the military and veterans have good memories.”

The arrogance of the moment was not lost on social media users, as Mrs. Biden could not have been more clear about suggesting she will speak when she wants to speak, about topics she wants to focus on.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

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