Biden takes fire from the left over angry, defiant call-in to ‘Morning Joe’

President Joe Biden’s damage control bid to sell himself as an underdog didn’t sell with the so-called “elites” as the angry octogenarian took major heat for being “Trumpian.”

(Video Credit: CNN)

Disunity on the left on the future of the 2024 presidential election could be found at all levels from the halls of Washington, D.C. to the studios of corporate media. Evidence of such continued to play out Monday as a coordinated stretch for a narrative timed with a refusal to step aside saw Biden feeling the heat over the residual impression of a call into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I’m getting frustrated by the elites — not you guys — the elites in the party. Oh, they know so much more. Any of these guys that don’t think I should run, run against me. Announce for president, challenge me at the convention,” the increasingly incensed incumbent said to co-host Joe Scarborough who himself had peddled the notion Biden was up against “media elites.”

Commentary on the call revealed it had done little to quell concerns about the longevity of the Democrat’s candidacy and as Vanity Fair special correspondent Brian Stelter joined “CNN Newsroom,” host Jim Acosta remarked, “It was a little bit of a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook calling into a morning show this morning.”

“Yes, Biden did sound a bit Trumpian in this most recent call. He did, by the way, also on ABC,” replied Stelter who went on to add, “There’s an element of resentment and grievance that you and I very well recognize from the former president, and we do know that motivates some voters. It certainly is a way to fire up base voters. What it probably doesn’t do though, is change these anxious, nervous, panicked Democrat lawmakers.”

He’s also referenced a critique from Semafor’s Washington Bureau Chief Benjy Sarlin who’d contended of the call, “The basic dynamic: Biden has not made much progress since the debate convincing Democrats he’s up to the job of beating Trump, but he’s made progress in telegraphing to them it will be a murder-suicide if they try to take the nomination and fail.”

“Seems like a great place to be heading into convention season,” Sarlin had argued in reaction to “Pod Save America” and onetime speechwriter for then-President Barack Obama, Jon Favreau.

“Biden on Moring Joe: Energy is great! Sounds strong! Love that part,” said Favreau. “Message absolutely sucks — angry, defensive, lashing out at all the wrong people. Just please, please talk about voter concerns, how you’ll address them, and how Trump will make them worse. That’s all!”

Likewise, CNN’s Jake Tapper took aim at the incoherence of Biden as he aired a clip of the call-in before reading from the transcript, “The fact of the matter is how can you assure you’re going to be out on you know, on your way to go work tomorrow age age wasn’t you know the idea that I’m too old.”

“Keep in mind, that sound bite is supposed to be reassuring to those Democratic supporters who’ve gone wobbly,” added the anchor.

Those criticisms were not unique to one side of the aisle as others sounded off with reactions, including Red State writer Bonchie who remarked, “Look, I’m not a political consultant, but I’m thinking that Biden screaming on Morning Joe isn’t going to soothe any souls about his condition. How easily he’s angered is a symptom of his condition.”

“The phone interview with Morning Joe is textbook Joe Biden,” he also posted to X. “He started off by clearly reading from a script, but it only took a few questions to get him angry and shouting. The phone is distorting, and he sounds absolutely unhinged.”

Kevin Haggerty


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