Fists fly as unruly anti-Israel protestors clash with NYPD

From “catastrophe” to chaos, the latest clash between anti-Israel activists and the police saw fists flying on the streets of Brooklyn.

Another “flood” of terrorist sympathizers took to the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Saturday roughly six months after thousands had shutdown Fifth Ave. with claims that “Resistance is justified when people are occupied.”

The latest unlawful assembly that saw protesters disregarding orders from the New York Police Department to remain out of the street included over two dozen arrests, according to CBS News, as well as a documented use of force from several boys in blue.

Video shared on social media showed as anti-Israel demonstrators marched north on Third Ave. toward Ovington Ave. with banners, including one that read “Resisting Nakba Since 1948.”

As officers moved in to force the protesters out of the street, a keffiyeh-clad drummer was seen appearing to rush one helmeted cop, prompting other officers to close ranks, taking the individual to the ground where he and another were struck before being restrained by the police.

Image via X
Image via X

The videographer who captured the moment contended on X, “The NYPD is seen slamming this protestor to the ground punching his chest with his hand around their neck. They never once resisted. Their head was also bleeding as they were transported to the police van. All for walking in the street. One of the many brutal arrests from today’s Brooklyn protest.”

Saturday’s demonstrations were planned in part by Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL), the same group associated with a number of anti-Israel actions around the city, including the “Flood Brooklyn For Palestine” protest a couple weeks after the Oct. 7 terror attack in Israel that saw the neighborhood, many have dubbed Beirut, blocked off.

With similar language to that protest, Saturday’s “resistance” was billed as marking the 76 years since Nakba, the Arabic term for the official establishment of the state of Israel that translates to “catastrophe.”

Attendees were told to gather at 69th St. and Fifth Ave, steps away from the local mosque, the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge.

While some on social media defended the NYPD arguing that the context was missing from videos circulating with the officers’ use of force against protesters, WOL leader Nerdeen Kiswani claimed to have witnessed the incident and wrote on X, “You don’t have the context because you weren’t there. I was though.”

“Those are two different people,” she argued, attempting to refute another user’s juxtaposition of a separate angle of the incident. “And the person with the ‘stick’ is actually a drummer, you idiot. But go off with your arrows lol. Are you the NYPDs video editor? They put out similarly garbage fake content.”

Worth noting, Kiswani had previously been called out by the police for peddling claims that her hijab had been ripped off during an April arrest in Manhattan, a point readily refuted by the NYPD which shared bodycam footage of the incident in question where an officer went out of her way to respectfully fix the garment for the activist.

That said, a spokesperson for the NYPD had informed the Daily News that they were “looking into” the video in question.

Kevin Haggerty


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