Florida Dem candidate solicits winner of Mega Millions jackpot prize to ‘make it rain’ for his campaign

We know Democrats like to put their hands out for free stuff, but a Democrat running for Congress in Florida took begging to new levels on Saturday when he asked the as-yet-unnamed Illinois winner of Mega Million’s $1.28 billion jackpot to “make it rain” on his campaign.

“Which one of my Illinois supporters hit that Mega Millions Jackpot?” Allen Ellison tweeted. “Don’t hold back now. Make it rain.. I meant make a donation today.”


It’s a bold request, considering the vocal 41-year-old’s apparent disdain for wealthy people.

Back in February, he slammed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) for having what Ellison claimed is a “rich daddy.”

And he attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in May, calling him a “pi** poor leader” who was “getting rich” off Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Clearly, Ellison would rather see the rich taxed into oblivion — but only after they pay for his political ambition.

Originally Ellison was hoping to win Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s seat, but, after a year-and-a-half of trying to drum up support, he changed gears following the entry of Trump-hating Orlando Democrat, Rep. Val Demings, into the race. It was then, reported Florida Politics in late June, that Ellison decided to try for a third time to win the state’s 23rd Congressional District.

In a letter to his supporters, Ellison wrote, “After one year and six months of campaigning across the State of Florida and building a national grassroots movement to retire Senator Marco Rubio, I have decided to suspend my bid for the U.S. Senate.”

After announcing his Congressional run, he added, “I humbly ask for your continued support in this new path forward.”

His past failures to score a ticket to Capitol Hill have netted him more than 142,000 followers on Twitter, but according to Florida Politics, Ellison is not particularly good with money, making his plea to an out-of-state lottery winner even more cringe-inducing.

“Ellison had raised $171,607 for his Senate bid, though he’d burned through much of that. He started April with $2,947 cash on hand and it’s unclear what he raised since then,” the news outlet reported.

The New York Post has called Ellison “a big underdog in the race to succeed U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch,” who isn’t seeking reelection.

On Twitter, Ellison’s call for “rain” sparked a storm of disapproval.

“Everybody has their hand out,” wrote one user.

“He can use his paper mug and stand in front of Walmart door,” wrote another.

And for a third, Ellison’s plea proves he’s perfectly suited for Washington D.C.

“Typical Democrat,” the user stated. “Doesn’t want to work for it. He is looking for someone to take care of him.”

“He will do great in Washington,” the user predicted. “He already has the mindset.”

Melissa Fine


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