Fmr. Israeli PM calls out CNN for parroting Hamas propaganda on hospital blast: ‘Do your god***n job’

Media outlets that rushed to report Hamas propaganda that an explosion at a Gaza hospital this week was the result of an Israeli attack showed their pro-Palestinian bias with CNN being one of the most flagrant offenders.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett unloaded on the network’s star anchor Anderson Cooper on Friday night, calling out the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” over its role in promoting the false narrative that contributed to angry protests that erupted after the media’s rush to judgment to pin the blame for Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on the Jewish nation.

“There are no two sides to this hospital. Either it was bombed by Israel or it was targeted by someone else on the Palestinian side,” Bennett told Cooper. “If two people come and say, one says it’s raining outside and the other said it’s dry, you don’t bring the quotes of both sides. You just g*****n open the window and look whether it’s raining or not. That’s what we did.”

“And this hospital, in fact, it’s a parking lot, was hit definitely a hundred percent by [an] Islamic jihad barrage shot fired at 6:59 p.m.,” he continued. “We have three different videos from different angles showing it. We have the ballistics. We know that an Israeli bomb would have created a crater, which does not exist. We know that the propellant in the rocket, because it was a long-term rocket targeted for Israel, so a lot of that propellant was still in the rocket, which created a lot of fire. We have two Hamas [terrorists] talking to each other and saying and admitting that it is from Islamic Jihad.”

The multimillionaire propagandist then tried to defend his network, insisting that CNN didn’t know which side was telling the truth.

“Anderson, I have to barge in here. I have to say something. I was – in 9/11, I was in Manhattan when it happened,” the former PM shot back. “And if a day later, al-Qaeda would have said that it’s America who perpetrated it, no one would have quoted it al-Qaeda. No one would, and you didn’t have validation back then that it was al-Qaeda, but you knew it’s not America.”

“And somehow there’s a double standard here. You had 30 hours to validate,” Bennett said. “We have all the information. Everything is transparent. For heaven’s sakes, to see the headline of The New York Times saying the Palestinians claim that Israel bombarded a hospital, we don’t do that. It’s the Palestinian[s] who rape young girls. It’s the Palestinians who tear apart limbs. It’s the Palestinians who burn whole families and shoot five-month-old babies. It’s the Palestinians, for heaven’s sake, who kidnapped 84-year-old Holocaust survivors. It’s not the Israelis. This is not what Israel does.”

“And you’ve had ample time, do your job and show the truth,” he added. “There is moral clarity in the world, not everything has two sides to it.”

He later posted a video of his conversation with Cooper to X, formerly known as Twitter, saying “No, CNN, there aren’t ‘two sides’ to the Gaza hospital story. Go do your godd**n job.”

Chris Donaldson


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