Fmr. NFL great Terrell Owens knocks out heckler in front of CVS store

Former NFL great Terrell Owens was spotted in Southern California over the weekend taking matters into his own hands after crossing paths with a man who was allegedly harassing customers in a CVS drugstore.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver was seen on video duking it out with the man in front of the Inglewood store with Owens making quick work of the task, knocking the man to the ground after exchanging just a few blows.

Turns out, Owens was trying to play the role of peacekeeper when the antagonist decided to push his luck, according to TMZ Sports.

“Owens tells us he intended to quickly stop by the store and grab a few necessities. While inside, T.O. says a 49ers fan approached him and they had a friendly conversation. That’s when things took a turn,” the celebrity news and gossip outlet reported. “Terrell says a second man — the guy who was ultimately clocked — started talking crap to the fan Owens was conversing with. The aggressor threatened to beat up the men outside, according to witnesses.”

The group ended up on the sidewalk in front of the store and a witness said Owens was trying to diffuse the situation when the alleged unruly man took an unprovoked swing at the former player — a move that did not work out too well for him, as seen below:

Owens would return to his vehicle after the incident and leave without incident. TMZ Sports notes that police were not called to the scene.

This is the second time this year that Owens has had an altercation with someone. In August, Owens was involved in an incident in Deerfield Beach, Fla., that involved a traffic dispute.

The other party, a woman, would be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor after the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said she “knowingly” gave “false information to a law enforcement officer … concerning the alleged commission of a crime.”

The woman accused Owens of running a stop sign and nearly hitting her with the car, and then getting out of his car and “harassing” her.

“You didn’t have to get out of your f—ing car,” the woman reportedly yelled. “You’re a Black man approaching a White woman.”

A video of the altercation that Owens shared on Instagram included this caption: “KAREN IS REAL!!!! Wow!! JUST A NORMAL NIGHT OF BEING A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. I want to say I can’t believe it but y’all know what it is.”


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