Fox News refuses to buckle to Hunter Biden legal threats, cites ‘constitutionally protected coverage’

Operating under the apparent premise that a strong offense makes for a good defense, Hunter Biden’s legal team has set its sights on Fox News, demanding the network remove from its platforms sexually explicit images that President Biden’s son says are private.

That’s according to a letter from Biden’s lawyers obtained by CNN, but Fox News is showing no signs of yielding to legal threats.

“Hunter Biden’s lawyers have belatedly chosen to publicly attack Fox News’ constitutionally protected coverage regarding their client. Mr. Biden is a public figure who has been the subject of investigations by both the Department of Justice and Congress, has been indicted by two different US Attorney’s Offices in California and Delaware, and has admitted to multiple incidents of wrongdoing,” the network said in a statement.

“Consistent with the First Amendment, Fox News has accurately covered these highly publicized events as well as the subsequent indictment of an FBI informant who was the source of certain claims made about Mr. Biden,” the release added.

The letter to Fox News “alleges conspiracy to defame and unlawful publication of ‘hacked’ images, seeking corrections and retractions on air and in online articles to claims that President Biden and his son engaged in a bribery scheme abroad.”

“For the last five years, Fox News has relentlessly attacked Hunter Biden and made him a caricature in order to boost ratings and for its financial gain,” Hunter’s attorneys Mark Geragos, Bryan Freedman and Tina Glandian said in a statement.

“FOX knows that these private and confidential images were hacked, stolen, and/or manipulated digital material,” the attorneys wrote in the letter, claiming that publishing these images violated “the majority of states’ laws against the nonconsensual disclosure of sexually explicit images and videos, sometimes referred to as ‘revenge porn’ laws.”

Several of the explicit images, some of which were blurred, were included in the letter, according to CNN.

As for FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, he has pleaded not guilty after being indicted for allegedly lying to investigators about Hunter Biden and the bribery plot — his trial is slotted for December.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys, who don’t appear to be fans opf due process, allege that Fox News “initially remained silent” about Smirnov’s indictment “despite the fact that this now rendered the prior reporting on these allegations highly misleading.”

“Then, in a brazen show of no remorse, rather than walk back the story and correct the record, FOX double-downed on the debunked bribery allegation and used Smirnov’s indictment to claim this is an ‘intimidation tactic’ aimed at silencing ‘whistleblowers,’ to blame the FBI for its credulity, and to suggest an even deeper conspiracy,” the letter claims.

Tom Tillison


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