Soaring gas prices hammer Biden as presidential election nears, reportedly surge 18% in 4 months

Gas prices have rocketed once again under President Biden’s watch and this time, he will not be able to artificially deflate them as Americans are crushed by inflation and the presidential election nears.

According to Breitbart, gas costs 18% more now than it did in 2023 and we have not even hit the summer months yet.

“When President Trump left office, the national average for regular gas was $2.39/gallon. Today, it’s $3.65/gallon — 52%+ higher. Under President Trump, the national average NEVER reached $3/gallon. Under Biden, it hasn’t been *BELOW* $3/gallon for 1,084 straight days,” Republican National Committee’s Research Team posted to X.

All of that is bad enough but if you consider gasoline prices in California… it’s apocalyptic.

“This morning our crew found $7.29 a gallon gas at a Chevron station in Menlo Park. The current average price of regular gas in California is $5.435 according to AAA,” News Desk reporter John Zuchelli with NBC Bay Area posted on X on April 21.

NBC Bay Area reporter Scott Budman also posted on X, “One gallon of gas (Menlo Park) above the federal hourly minimum wage.”

Biden could try to tap the Strategic Oil Reserves again, but they are already dangerously depleted and it is not likely to affect the price of gas much. The president has no political path to reduce gas prices this time around, with Saudi Arabia giving Biden the cold shoulder. While banning oil production at home, Biden has also been taking oil from Venezuela which is already facing sanctions by the US. He is also cozying up to Iran.

“The Biden administration is just pathologically allergic to anything that would increase oil prices, and they have telegraphed that over and over again,” Jim Lucier, managing director at Capital Alpha Partners, told Bloomberg in an interview. “Biden is in a box on this question.”

Americans already struggling to put food on the table, pay their mortgage or rent, and put clothes on their children’s backs may now find it difficult to even get to work because they can’t afford gas.

Bloomberg contends this is one of the reasons that Biden is so hot to placate Iran, “Take, for instance, the president’s approach to crude from Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Despite more than a decade of US sanctions, Iran’s oil production last month surged to a six-year high of 3.3 million barrels a day. That’s up 75% from the low point in late 2020 under President Donald Trump, who stiffened penalties for those that violated existing prohibitions. Currently, about 80% of Iran’s exports of about 1.5 million barrels a day go to China, where they are refined by small independent refineries, according to a congressional report.”

“The administration’s soft approach to sanctions on oil from Iran, Russia, and Venezuela has been key to its efforts to tame fuel costs. But that leniency is becoming politically riskier: Iran’s attack on Israel has intensified pressure on Biden to crack down on crude exports from the Islamic Republic. The OPEC member produces approximately 3 million barrels a day, equivalent to about 3% of global supply. And though Iranian crude might not find its way into US gasoline tanks, its presence generally helps to limit price gains,” the media outlet reported.

Despite the blatant fact that the price of gas has massively increased since Biden has been in office, the White House recently claimed otherwise according to Fox Business, “On March 11, the White House said, ‘Inflation is down by two-thirds from its peak, and costs have fallen for everyday purchases from a gallon of gas to a gallon of milk.'”

No one is buying that propaganda anymore.

“However, data from GasBuddy shows that gas prices have been steadily rising since then and have increased around 25 cents per gallon since the beginning of March,” Fox Business pointed out.

When families struggle to buy food or necessities they tend to vote for those they believe will ease the pain. Parents get cranky when they cannot feed or provide for their children.


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