Police find guns, ‘suicide manifesto’ at home of man suspected of vandalism at NH GOP convention

Police in Concord, New Hampshire, caught up with the man suspected of keying more than two dozen cars earlier this month at the state GOP’s biennial convention.

Lawrence Dunlap, 37, is believed to be the man on a skateboard in a photo released by police, who say they found guns and a “suicide manifesto” at his home — because of the disturbing findings, Dunlap is being held without bail.

The convention was being held at Concord High School and in addition to at least 30 cars being vandalized, several attendees received threatening messages, according to NH Journal.

“I didn’t expect this when I ran for representative, but it’s not going to stop me,” Republican state Rep. Lorie Ball told the outlet.

Di Lothrop, a party delegate and Nashua Republican Party leader, was distraught over the apparent hate on display.

“My husband Chuck and I are delegates. We were parked on the street adjacent to the high school’s main entrance on Warren Street,” she told NHJournal. “After the meeting, when we walked back to our car, my husband immediately noticed that our car had been keyed all along the driver’s side. The car in front of us had been keyed, too, as had several other cars along the same road.

“It seems as if someone knew there was a Republican event going on at the high school, and this was their chance to tell Republicans they hate us,” Lothrop said. “Divisiveness at its worst!”

After identifying Dunlap as a possible suspect, police executed a search warrant at his home on Friday and found several guns, including an AR-15 rifle, the NH Journal reported.

“They also found a bag containing latex gloves, flex cuffs, dark clothes, face masks, a billy club, and a medieval-style mace. Raising more red flag was the document described as a suicide note manifesto Dunlap wrote,” the article noted, saying the manifest “echoed some of the anti-Donald-Trump sentiment that appeared on his social media accounts.”

“I can’t continue to exist for everyone else,” Dunlap wrote. “I truly despise humanity and all the filth we have accepted as acceptable. This world and economy requires personalities like Scott Herzog and Donald Trump. I’m sorry for the pain I know I will cause with this decision. Have me cremated and throw the ashes in the trash.”

Tom Tillison


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