France’s Macron routed at polls, makes stunning call for snap election

President Emmanuel Macron is risking it all in hopes that the people of France “make the right choice” following his stunning call for a snap election.

While the French leader says he is “confident” citizens concur with the push to stop the surge of the far-right in his nation and across Europe, Macron’s call to dissolve the national parliament came as a shock to many.

European Parliament elections were held from Thursday to Sunday and in France, it was a landslide victory for the right, with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally receiving double the votes of Macron’s globalist centrists. In an attempt to regain authority, Macron is taking a gamble on calling for fresh elections at the end of the month.

“I have heard your message, your concerns and I will not leave them unanswered,” Macron told the nation Sunday. “France needs a clear majority to act in serenity and harmony.”

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“The French have expressed themselves and this historic election shows when people vote, the people win…,” Le Pen said at an election night party in Paris.

“I can only welcome this, we are ready for it… we are ready to exercise power if the French put their trust in us in these new national elections,” she said concerning Macron’s announcement. “We are ready to restore the country to defend the interests of the French people. We are ready to put an end to mass immigration. Ready to [build the strength of the economy] as a priority. And ready to begin the reindustrialization of the country. To be clear, we are ready to straighten out the country, and we are ready to relive France.”

“Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN, Rassemblement National) party looks set to become the largest single party in the European Union after a spectacular result in Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament,” Le Monde reported.

“Votes that began on Thursday across the European Union to choose the next Parliament finished Sunday evening, and exit polls suggest a strong showing for right-wing parties, although perhaps short of the landslide across the continent some polling had suggested,” the outlet continued.

“But there were strong national differences, and France was perhaps the most remarkable result of all. The European grouping for President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party barely scraped second place in the Ipsos exit poll — by a fraction of a percent — and was left in the dust of the first place RN. Le Pen’s RN, led by party colleague and Member of the European Parliament Jordan Bardella got over twice as many votes at 31.5 percent of all cast compared to 14.7 percent for Renaissance,” Le Monde noted.

The first round of voting is set for June 30 and the second round for July 7, just weeks before all eyes will be on France’s capital as the Paris Olympics begin.

Frieda Powers


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