‘Free’ menstrual products now available in Canadian Parliament men’s bathrooms, including military, airports…

In a craven move to pander to transgenders and leftists, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that tampons and sanitary napkins will now be available in all Canadian Parliament men’s bathrooms.

The new policy mandates that all federally regulated employers, which includes military bases and airports, provide free menstrual products in all bathrooms regardless of gender according to the New York Post. It requires that a notice be placed on the door of the restroom as well.

“News of the policy change spread last week after former Canadian Conservative Sen. Linda Frum posted a photo of a basket offering free pads and tampons inside a men’s bathroom for transgender members of Parliament — setting off a firestorm online,” the news outlet reported.

“Back in the day, when only women menstruated, we had to pay for our own products. But now that men menstruate too, these products, as of this week, are mandated to be free in all men’s washrooms in all federal workplaces, including Parliament Hill — where this photo was taken today,” Frum wrote on X.

The development was later confirmed, according to the New York Post by an anonymous account called @HOCstaffer.

“They’re also going to build dispensers for all the tampons which won’t be used since 1) men don’t menstruate and 2) they are just going to bring them home to their wives for free,” the anonymous account contended.

This change went into effect on Dec. 15 according to Canada’s Employment and Social Development website, and dictates that “menstrual products must be in all toilet rooms regardless of their marked genders. This means that every female-identified, male-identified, and all-gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products.”

Employers are having to foot the bill for all of this which means the cost will be passed on to Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau’s government insanely asserts that “providing employees with access to menstrual products supports better health outcomes and workplace productivity while reducing the stigma often associated with menstruation.”

Political columnist Brian Lilley slammed the Trudeau government for ignoring Canada’s growing unaffordability in favor of bathroom equity measures. He also pointed out that the government was sanitizing its website, nixing the word “women” and instead calling those who use tampons “menstruating employees.”

“We are eliminating the language that identifies women as being distinct from men,” Lilley claimed, contending it was radical political correctness run amok.

“As a society, we can be respectful” but that doesn’t mean “we need to ignore biology and pretend that men are now having periods,” he said in an op-ed.

“This is the focus of the Trudeau government” amid the country’s ongoing affordability, housing, and immigration crises, Lilley pointed out.

He wasn’t the only one who had a problem with men pretending to menstruate.

Maxime Bernier, who is the leader of the People’s Party, blasted the policy as a “systematic attack against masculinity.”

“The liberal decision to distribute tampons in men’s toilets everywhere, including on military bases, is just another step in the systematic attack against masculinity, and part of a wider ideological battle,” he vented on X.

“The woke far left want to destroy Western societies, which they see as responsible for all evils in the world,” he charged.

Bernier went on to write that “cultural Marxists” have a goal “to turn as many men as possible into non-binary, trans, gender-fluid weak effeminate sissies. In short, in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable and dangerous, they want our society to disintegrate and become defenseless.”


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