George Santos dumps GOP, says party ‘continues to lie and swindle its voter base’

Ousted former congressman George Santos reacted to House Republicans caving on the $1.2 trillion spending package by announcing that he’s done with the party.

The ex-congressman, who was booted out of Congress by his colleagues who expelled him amid federal fraud charges and scandal about his truthfulness, took to the X platform on Friday where he quit the GOP, declaring that he will be running as an independent in his bid to return to Washington, D.C. later this year.

“After today’s embarrassing showing in the house I have reflected and decided that I can no longer be part of the Republican Party…,” Santos wrote. “The Republican Party continues to lie and swindle its voter base. I in good conscience cannot affiliate myself with a party that stands for nothing and falls for everything.”

“I am officially suspending my petitioning in #NY01 to access the ballot as a Republican and will be filling to run as an independent…,” he said. “I will take my Ultra MAGA/Trump supporting values to the ballot in November as an Independent.”

“ALL the Republican Party wants to do is lose and beg for money to keep losing!” Santos said in another post to X. “I’m Done.”

The expelled ex-Republican revealed his political comeback during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union rant.

“Tonight, I came to the SOTU with an open mind and heart because I believe in the great idea that is the United States of America,” Santos said in a post to X. “I just witnessed a weak, frail president deliver spin and lies to the American people from inside the chambers. I have made several personal sacrifices in the name of serving the American people. My promise is that I will never back down because of my love for this country.”

“New York hasn’t had a real conservative represent them since I left office arbitrarily, thanks to RINO, empty suits like
@nicklalota. He is a willing to risk the future of our majority and the future of this country for his own political gain,” he added, referring to Rep. Nick LaLota (R-NY) who led calls for an ethics probe into Santos and who he will be running to unseat. “After a lot of prayer and conversation with my friends and family, I have made a very important decision that will shake things up.”

“Tonight, I want to announce that I will be returning to the arena of politics and challenging Nick for the battle over #NY1. I look forward to debating him on the issues and on his weak record as a Republican. The fight for our majority is imperative for the survival of the country,” he added. “God bless you all, and we are off to the races!”

Santos went after LaLota after the House vote. “Hey @nicklalota you can’t control yourself can you? Screwing the American people is your favorite sport and lying to the Republican base is with your “commitment to America” seems to be your record!”

“George Santos’ expulsion from Congress was good for the nation and his resignation from the Republican Party is good for commonsense conservatives,” Rep. LaLota said in a statement. “Santos can watch me defend this important swing district and the November election results from his prison cell as he’s being held accountable for stealing an election and ripping off donors.”

With the GOP House majority now down to a measly one vote, one has to wonder how many Republicans are now having second thoughts about joining the mob to expel Santos.

Chris Donaldson


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