Georgetown Law prof floats WILD ‘assassination’ conspiracy theory

Now that Vice President Kamala Harris has been anointed as the heir apparent to her dementia-addled boss, it was only a matter of time until the ridiculous conspiracy theories began to spawn.

The panic that was set off after tens of millions of Americans got their first real look at President Joe Biden during last week’s CNN debate, and not the version they were fraudulently sold by the media, has led to calls for other more qualified options to be eliminated in favor of the veep, who goes to the front of the line for obvious reasons.

Since Harris is a black woman, she’s a prime target to be taken out by an assassin as a part of a bat-guano-crazy conspiracy plot to overturn the results of the election – presuming she wins – and put a Republican in the White House.

The insane suggestion that bubbled up from the social media fever swamp comes courtesy of Georgetown Law Professor  Josh Chafetz who shared his wild vision in a thread on X, formerly Twitter.

The prof’s fellow X users reacted to his whacko theory with appropriate ridicule.

If Harris does end up getting the ultimate DEI promotion, expect the left-wing loons to come crawling out of the woodwork with their conspiracy theories with even more intensity than they did with the Russiagate hoax.

Chris Donaldson


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