Country singer wishes young people would appreciate the ‘freedom’ they enjoy

Country singer Craig Morgan has a “simple” take on what it means to be an American and he’s afraid many in this nation, especially younger generations, do not appreciate what they have.

The 59-year-old Army veteran and country musician expressed his disappointment in what appears to be a lack of appreciation for American ideals and liberties, telling Fox News Digital in a recent interview what being an American means to him.

“Freedom — it’s that simple,” said Morgan who enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve last year after having served for 17 years in the Army and Army Reserve with the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.

“I see it on TV,” he said. “I see things that people are doing that just make me shake my head in a lack of understanding how they can’t appreciate how fortunate we are. I think a lot of that is attributed to a lack of education.”

“I’m not calling anybody stupid,” Morgan added. “I’m just saying there’s some ignorance in the world, in our society, in particular in the states where people don’t understand the importance of the freedoms that we celebrate.”

He weighed in on recent protests on college campuses where often anti-American sentiments were on display amid pro-Palestine demonstrations.

“I see these young folks out there that are doing things, and I just don’t — I’m dumbfounded by it,” Morgan said. “I can’t understand. But, at the same time, I do. And I attribute it again to ignorance. I see these young folks out here in colleges doing things, and they don’t even know half of what they’re saying.

“If they would just slow down — educate themselves. And I don’t mean through the collegiate system, I mean in life. Go visit some of these other countries. And they would understand how free and how fortunate we are to be in this great nation,” he added.

(Video Credit: Fox News Digital)

“I’ve had that honor and that privilege, most of which I attribute to my time in service in the United States Army,” Morgan said. “And now I can say honestly that things that I’ve got to do in the music industry have allowed me to have a different perspective on how fortunate we are in this country.”

At the age of 59, Morgan was sworn in again to the Army Reserve in front of a live audience on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He called it a “very emotional experience.”

“I spent 17½ years in my early life in the Army,” Morgan said. “It is a big part of who I am, what my family is about, what we represent. The love that we have for our country. The passion we have for the freedoms that we celebrate in this nation,” he told Fox News Digital.

“So, to be able to go back and reignite that fire and be a part of what I believe are the greatest people in our nation — it was very emotional,” he continued.

“And I’m excited, honored, humbled, and grateful to be able to do it again and hopefully encourage other folks in our country, to celebrate again and be a part of what I do believe and know to be the greatest nation in the world.”

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