‘Go, go, go!’ Chicago Uber driver dodges bullets as he unwillingly becomes a get-a-way car

Dashcam video footage shows the shocking moments an Uber driver in Chicago found himself in the middle of gunfire as he picked up a female passenger.

The driver, identified as John Williams in a report by the New York Post, stopped for what he assumed was a routine fare in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago.

But moments after a female passenger calmly entered the back of Williams’ vehicle, she lowered herself down on the seat and told him to floor it.

“Go, go, go! He’s going to shoot at the car!” she can be heard telling the driver in video footage captured by his dashboard camera.

“Shoot up the car?” the confused driver asked as he pulled away.

“Yeah! Go!” the woman exclaimed as Williams accelerated and sounds like gunshots could be heard.

“What is that? What the f–k was that?” Williams demanded, as the woman explained, “He just shot at the car,” and said she would call the police.

“But why? Man … f–k this s–t!” a visibly upset Williams yelled.

The New York Post reported:

The woman contacted police while they waited nearby — but “the situation escalated as more gunshots rang out, and cars began making erratic maneuvers on the street,” Williams told Storyful.

“Feeling increasingly uneasy and fearing for our safety, I made the difficult decision to inform [the passenger] that I couldn’t wait for the police any longer,” he said.

The driver then took the woman to her destination before continuing with his shift.


As of Thursday morning, Chicago Police indicated that there had been no reports of the shooting.

Social media users reacted to the harrowing footage on X:

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