Good old Joe from Scranton not getting the love from hometown voters

President Joe Biden loves to portray himself as “good old Joe from Scranton” but some voters aren’t feeling the love for the hometown hero.

The Daily Mail talked to around two dozen Scranton residents and they are overwhelmingly looking for a change this election with the country’s general state and especially the economy being the reason why they won’t be backing Biden this year.

In comments that should strike fear into Team Biden if they think that abortion is the most important issue on voters’ minds, the answers tell a far different story from Americans who have been battered and beleaguered by Bidenomics and the wrecking ball taken to the nation.

Their stories are far different from those in a glowing propaganda video from the Biden-Harris campaign.

(Video: YouTube/Joe Biden)

“I was in better shape when Trump was in office,” a voter named Sean who lives close to Biden’s childhood home told the outlet, saying that he’s now “making less money” than before.

“Groceries are way too high. Gas is ridiculous,” he added.” There’s a lot of different things but honestly, I don’t trust the Democratic Party anymore.”

A former Democrat, Sean suggested that the Democrats are now the party of fat cats, straying far from the days when they defended the working class.

“They don’t live in the real world. They all get into office and they’re all multimillionaires now, at a job that doesn’t pay that,” he said. “So I just wonder why are they there – to help the people or to enrich themselves.”

It likely doesn’t help Biden’s faux image as a champion of the working class when he’s being feted by high rolling Hollywood elites at fundraisers where he rakes in tens of millions of dollars.

“Trump all day,” said a man named John who the outlet caught up with in downtown Scranton. “I grew up in New York and your parents told you you have to vote Democrat. That’s how it is. But now that I see what’s going on, we need a guy like Trump back in there because he’s not going to play around and the country’s going downhill.”

“You have people that back Biden in Scranton that are now saying ‘we got to do something’ and they’re against Biden.”

“So it’s not because we hate him,” he added. “It’s just the way he’s running the country. It’s going downhill. So they’re gonna vote for Trump.”

The hardscrabble Rust Belt city is the site of one of Biden’s latest lies: that his “Uncle Bosie” was eaten by cannibals when his plane went down over Papua New Guinea during World War II. A wild tale that was quickly debunked by the Pentagon.

Of the around 25 people that the Daily Mail spoke with, a mere one person was sticking with “lunchbucket Joe.”

“I think Biden,” said the individual named Jamaro. “I hope he just makes America great again,” revising his words after seeming to realize that he just used Trump’s slogan. “I’m saying make America better than what it is right now with all the oil and gas prices and try to stop all the overseas fighting and everything so we don’t have to send our troops over.”

“Biden don’t got no indictments and he’s not facing no federal tampering with the election, so that’s why I feel like it’s Biden,” Jamaro added.

“Life was better under Trump than it is under Biden,” Sean told the outlet. “You can compare the two realistically now. Everything was better, groceries, gas, everything was better under Trump.”

As a young James Carville once summed it up: “It’s the economy stupid!”

Chris Donaldson


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