GOP lawmaker facing scrutiny, claims past support of DEI in Congress ‘taken out of context’

An incumbent Republican congressman is facing scrutiny over old videos showing him promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

DEI is, as reported many times previously, a divisive, backward concept that basically calls for using discrimination to ensure equal outcomes among disparate groups of people.

For example, DEI proponents support affirmative action, which discriminates against whites and Asians, because it means more blacks and Hispanics get accepted into college.

It’s a patently racist, backward policy, yet South Carolina Rep. William Timmons supported it, as evidenced by a series of videos showing him promoting it.

Below is video one:

In this video, Timmons celebrated the 116th Congress’ (2019-2021) creation of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion within Congress.

“In the 116th Congress, we made a recommendation to make permanent the Office of Diversity and Inclusion,” he said in the clip. “And I am pleased that this recommendation came to fruition and is now a permanent office.”

Next is video two:

This time Timmons promoted the use of taxpayer funds to prioritize hiring and recruitment based on the “principles” of DEI.

“In both this Congress and last Congress, we have heard from many witnesses on ways Congress can improve its hiring practices and promote diversity and inclusion broadly,” he said.

Next is video three:

In this clip, Timmons said that implementing a DEI agenda in Congress is a “top priority.”

“This is the top priority for this Congress, and we need to get it right, so I appreciate you working so hard on this,” he said to someone off screen.

Next is video four:

In this video, the congressman said that it’s imperative that Congress is “diverse” and looks exactly like the U.S. population, which, FYI, is 71 percent white.

“Our objective should be that every member’s office — let’s start with Congress. Congress should be representative of the county, and then within Congress, every member’s office should be representative of the people they represent,” he said.

“So it should be diverse based off of race, gender, geography, socioeconomic background, lifestyle. And it should be proportional. based off the population they represent,” he added.

Up next is the final video:

The final video showed Timmons silently sitting in agreement as a black woman said that proportional hiring that matches U.S. demographics should be the “minimum” and suggested that the best outcome would be minorities being disproportionally over-represented.

Following the publication of these videos, Timmons wrote on the social media platform X that the clips were “selectively edited and taken out of context.”

“Something we should all be able to agree on is that Congress would be better served if the staff wasn’t made up of the children of DC insiders who grew up in the Swamp. Someone from the Upstate of South Carolina should have the same opportunity to serve in our nation’s capital as someone from Arlington, VA,” he wrote.

“The 2019 ModCom recommendation (which passed unanimously) has nothing to do with 2024 DEI. The purpose of the recommendation has been warped by former Speaker Pelosi and woke Democrats, and our Republican majority has now appropriately defunded it in this year’s budget,” he added.

ModCom is short for the “modernization of Congress.”

Unfortunately for Timmons, few bought his claims.


Vivek Saxena


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