GOP lawyer claims party is prepared, army of poll watchers, workers and attorneys dispatched throughout US

Though conservatives were mocked and ridiculed since 2020 over their election concerns, the GOP did not sit idly by and wait for a repeat of the “freest and fairest” election. Now heading into Tuesday, one attorney described the readiness that included battleground states “saturated with lawyers.”

(Video: Fox News)

Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group and Republican National Lawyers Association joined Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday with a look ahead at what two years of preparation have produced. While unanswered questions and unresolved issues from the 2020 presidential election and subsequent contests have put voters on edge, she made the case that the right was “better poised than at any time in my lifetime…”

Carlson established, “You know that there are going to be efforts to tamper with the results or to, at the very least, fight over the results. How are Republicans and the states going to respond?”

“I’m happy to report that Republicans are better poised than at any time in my lifetime to watch what’s happening tomorrow and to take legal action quickly,” Dhillon responded. “In fact, we’ve already been doing that for the last couple of years.”

The attorney briefly explained that the Republican National Committee had 38 paid election lawyers dispatched to 19 states as part of their efforts that proved prescient after the Department of Justice announced Monday that they would be sending their own lawyers to 64 jurisdictions across 24 states that seemed suspiciously targeted at benefitting Democrats.

But Dhillon explained the numbers at greater length on social media: “This election cycle, @GOP has recruited & trained over 80,000 poll watchers, poll WORKERS. We’ve engaged over 1M volunteers, conducted 5,200 leadership trainings to prepare for election day operations, filed nearly 80 lawsuits, retained dozens of litigators, trained 100s more…”

“This effort started last year once a long-running consent decree dating back to the early 80s, barring @GOP from engaging in election day efforts, expired (judge literally expired, next judge refused Dem efforts to extend it). My firm alone is active in multi states, others are too,” she continued.

“So every battleground state is saturated with lawyers,” Dhillon told Carlson. “I’m here in Arizona and you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lawyer. And we are here to make sure that everything is run according to the law, not according to what Democrats make up at the last minute.”

The attorney also expressed, “I’m very confident and voters should be very confident when they go to polls tomorrow that there are lawyers watching the results very carefully, and prepared to run into court all over the country if necessary and not let Democrats get away with their efforts to misinform the public and interfere with the results of the election tomorrow.”

However, she didn’t let the matter drop there as she pointed out that preserving election integrity and the rule of law wasn’t a spectator sport and that, though critical, it wasn’t even enough just to show up and vote on Tuesday.

“Now you can sit around crying, or get out & vote & bring neighbors to polls, get involved, run for office, participate & be the change you want. Sitting on Twitter & complaining does nothing. People are making huge sacrifices to run for office. Let’s win, get our country back,” Dhillon wrote before adding that preparing for the next election needed to start right away, “People are asking me how to find out more, get involved and help in 2023, 2024. Follow and help turn this place around! I’m proud to serve on the RNC @GOP and I go to sleep at night knowing I did my best to give back to my country, rest is in God’s hands.”

Kevin Haggerty


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