Gore ‘respects’ Trump supporters, says they’re ‘using’ him as a ‘vehicle to express their anger’

Trump supporters, you can rest easy.

Former Vice President Al Gore, who famously insisted in 2009 that “there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” respects you.

In his characteristically condescending tone, Gore explained to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Saturday that former President Donald Trump is simply a “vehicle” for his supporters’ misguided “anger.”

“I respect his supporters,” Gore told Amanpour. “And I think it’s really important in this campaign season for people to maintain respect for his supporters. Many of them are using Trump as a vehicle to express their anger at how they don’t think things have been going in the right direction.”

That’s okay, he said, because people are “beginning to wake up.”

“I think that more and more people are just now beginning to wake up to the fact that things are beginning to go in the right direction,” Gore said. “Inflation has come down dramatically.

“Now the political influence is still there,” he continued optimistically, “but, ten months from now, if the trend continues, inflation may not be an issue.”

“Employment is at all-time record high levels,” he stated. “The unemployment has been at record lows. Inequality is being reduced. And the wages are going up faster in the lowest income brackets. That’s something many of us have wanted and worked for for a long time.”

Zero Hedge begs to differ, calling the newly released numbers “the most ridiculous jobs report in recent history.”

“[I]t turns out that, since average hourly earnings is a fraction, it did not rise due to a jump in actual wages but – since it is earnings over a period of time – ‘rose’ because the BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] decided to sharply slash the number of estimated hours that everyone was working, from 34.3 to just 34.1, which may not sound like a lot until one realizes that the last time the workweek was this low was when the economy was shut down during covid,” the outlet reports. “Excluding the covid lockdowns, one would have to go back to 2010 to find a workweek that was this anemic.”

“And speaking of revisions, we had a lot of those: in January, the BLS conducted its annual “‘annual re-benchmarking and update of seasonal adjustment factors,'” Zero Hedge explains. “Long story short, what was until December a decline in jobs has now been miraculously transformed into gains.”

The outlet continues:

For those asking, the revisions were unambiguously designed to give the impression that the labor market is slowing much less than it is. Consider this: before the revision, the average monthly job gain in 2021 was largely unchanged (606K pre-revision vs 604K post), and while the average monthly gain in 2022 was revised lower (from 399K to 377K), this was purposefully goalseeked to make 2023 appear stronger, and indeed the average monthly increase in 2023 has been revised from 225K to 255K.

Which would be great, if only it wasn’t almost entirely due to the BLS’s latest choice of seasonal adjustments, which have gone from merely laughable to full clownshow, as the following comparison between the revised BLS Payrolls number and the ADP payrolls show: the trend is clear: the Biden admin numbers are now clearly rising even as the impartial ADP (which directly logs employment numbers at the company level and is actually far more accurate), shows an accelerating slowdown.


Gore, however, claimed that the Biden team “is one of the best, if not the best, I think that we have ever seen in the United States.”

“And the president, personally, is the leader of that team,” he stated. “And I really believe that, for those who have been feeling despair about his prospects, be of good cheer.”

“Ten months is a long time,” Gore said, referring to the November elections. “It’s a mistake to look at polls almost a year before the election.”

“And, by the way,” he added, “even the polls are beginning to change in Biden’s favor.”

“If Biden were running for president of fantasy land,” remarked one user on X, “this would be accurate.”

Melissa Fine


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