Gov. DeSantis to resume post-Hurricane Ian migrant flights from Florida to Dem strongholds

Prepare for more liberal heads to explode, America. Governor Ron DeSantis has every intention of resuming his flights full of migrants from Florida to Democratic strongholds as soon as he finishes dealing with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Documents made public on Friday reveal that two charter flights to Delaware and Illinois were meant to depart prior to October 3 with roughly 100 migrants on board, the Associated Press (AP) reports. The flights, costing nearly $1 million to arrange, were ultimately halted or postponed, with the contractor hired by the state offering an extension for the trips until December 1, state Department of Transportation memos show.

The delay, says DeSantis’ communications director, Taryn Fenske, was a result of Ian’s destructive landfall.

“While Florida has had all hands on deck responding to our catastrophic hurricane, the immigration relocation program remains active,” Fenske said in a Saturday email.

While it was initially Texas Governor Greg Abbott who began transporting migrants to Democrat-run cities as a way of illustrating just how overwhelmed small communities in border states are by the endless influx of illegal aliens, it was DeSantis who spawned the most histrionic responses from the left when he flew 49 mostly Venezuelan border-jumpers to the wealthy, mostly white, terribly exclusive enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

As American Wire reported, the flights to Martha’s Vineyard prompted a flurry of lawsuits from liberals, including one from Florida state Sen. Jason Pizzo who claims the flights violate state law.

The Florida Legislature passed a budget earlier this year that set aside $12 million in funding for a program that would facilitate “the transport of unauthorized aliens from this state consistent with federal law.”

According to Pizzo’s suit, the migrants DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard were gathered in San Antonio, not Florida. Therefore, they were not technically covered under the provision. Furthermore, Pizzo alleges the migrants weren’t “unauthorized aliens,” they were legal asylum seekers.

In a response from DeSantis’s office to the Herald, Fenske noted that Pizzo actually voted for the legislation.

“Senator Pizzo never misses an opportunity for his 15 minutes of fame and is challenging an action on an appropriation he voted for,” Fenske stated.

Other lawsuits have claimed that DeSantis lied to the migrants in order to trick them into getting on the planes — a notion one Democratic mayor in Texas dismissed.

“I can tell you one thing, they’re not being lied to,” Yolanda Ramon, mayor pro-tem of Eagle Pass, Texas, told Fox News. “You run into them at the gas station, they’ll tell you I just want to go somewhere. I just want to go further up north.”

“Of course, they know where they’re going,” she stated, “otherwise they wouldn’t be going.”


In the wake of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s declaration of a state of emergency in his so-called “sanctuary city” to cope with the comparatively small number of migrants he’s been forced to welcome to the Big Apple, the AP makes it a point to mention that “Local officials weren’t told in advance that the migrants were coming.”

Naturally, the outlet fails to mention that the more than two million migrants arrested at the southern border in the last 11 months didn’t exactly call ahead to states like Texas and book a reservation.

Online, support for DeSantis’s resumption of migrant flights out of Florida is strong.

“Rock star,” wrote one user on Twitter about Florida’s fearless leader.

“Love that man,” tweeted another.

“As he should…” stated a third. “That’s what they voted for.”

Melissa Fine


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